Rylan shares ‘the best thing’ to come from his breakdown and divorce: ‘I’m very lucky’

Rylan (Image: Jack Alexander/Attitude)

TV presenter Rylan has shared “the best thing” to come out of his divorce and breakdown in an exclusive interview with Attitude.

Appearing on the cover of Attitude, available now, Rylan opened up about everything and spoke candidly about what he’s taken away from his experiences in the spotlight.

Since appearing on The X-Factor in 2012 he’s been a ubiquitous presence on TV with presenting roles in Eurovision, This Morning, The One Show, and more. Speaking to Attitude he conceded that his high-profile breakdown was the result of relentlessly working as well as his marriage to Dan Neal falling apart.

Rylan’s Attitude cover for the July/August issue (Image: Jack Alexander/Attitude)

Rylan admitted that he regrets not taking more breaks from work saying, “You’ve got to look after yourself because what’s having money, a beautiful house, amazing jobs without being there to actually enjoy it? If you run yourself into the ground, you’re fucked. It’s all over.”

It’s a simple and conventional enough wisdom that belies the difficulty of realising that in the moment, and one that sometimes arrives following the implosion of one’s life and sanity. Rylan opined further, “It’s about trying to find the right times to stop. All I need is one day off. I get that one day off and then I’m happy, I can do it.”

“I’m very lucky that I’m in a position where I can look after myself” – Rylan

However, Rylan also recognised that with his current busy schedule, he’s “fallen back into old habits.” Asked what’s to stop him from landing back where he was not so long ago he told Attitude: “Remembering how bad I was. Whenever I feel a bit down, I just remember, ‘You were at the lowest you could ever get without it all finishing.’ So, it can’t ever be that bad again because I know it can’t.” But Rylan was adamant that he’s learned his lesson. “I know when I need to stop and, if I don’t stop, I’ll go over, and not in a good way.”

Rylan also said he has learned not to plan anything too concretely, to be more malleable. But he’s unsure if he could ever step away from the cameras for good. “I think I could, but the problem is if I step away, people will still know who I am. So, that won’t solve that problem. I’ll be Rylan still, but not earning money.”

The lack of anonymity is something Rylan confessed is both the best and most challenging part of fame. “I’m very lucky that I’m in a position where I can look after myself; I can look after my family in this day and age. I’m grateful for that every day. I’ve come out of Stepney Green, out of a single-parent council house, so I know the value of money, and I know that I’m here to work. And if I’ve got that opportunity to work, then [I] do it.”

He later added: “The best thing to come from that restart was remembering who I am and actually going, ‘I’m actually a nice person and I do deserve happiness.’”

Read the full interview in Attitude issue 359, available here and alongside 15 years of back issues on the free Attitude app.

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