The rules Meghan Markle has to follow now she's a full-time royal

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Meghan Markle at the Buckingham Palace Garden party with Prince Charle’s and the Duchess of Cornwall. [Photo: Getty]
Meghan Markle at the Buckingham Palace Garden party with Prince Charle’s and the Duchess of Cornwall. [Photo: Getty]

Becoming a full-time member of the royal family means Meghan Markle (or the Duchess of Sussex, as she’s now known) has to follow certain rules.

Rules that were hugely apparent during the 36-year-old’s first royal engagement since saying ‘I do’: a garden party in honour of Prince Charles’ birthday.

Yesterday, Meghan stepped out for the first time since becoming a fully-fledged royal, and while fans were excited to see her for the first time since her wedding, people couldn’t help notice a change in the newly-titled Duchess of Sussex.

Some called Meghan’s appearance her ‘Middleton moment’, comparing her conservative outfit and Duchess-worthy demeanour to that of the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate, let’s not forget, has been at this for seven years now.

Here, we count the ways Meghan Markle set those royal codes of conduct into motion at yesterday’s garden party…

She wore some (questionable) tights

Perhaps the most talked about aspect of Meghan’s first outfit as royalty was her tights.

The pale-coloured tights were worn with her peach-hued Goat dress, Philip Treacy hat, Wilbur and Gussie clutch and matching peach-hued Tamara Mellon pumps.

It’s clear that if Meghan had her way, tights would be off the menu.

Having gone bared-legged on far cooler days before (the temperate reached 22 degrees in London yesterday), Meghan appeared to be following royal protocol: The Queen reportedly expects female royal family members to always wear tights in public.

She had to get used to people curtseying her

The Daily Mail reported that when meeting charity representatives, Meghan extended her hand before most bent down to give the procedural bob.

“I knew I was going to curtsey but she took my hand,” Diana Langson from Second-Battalion Irish Regiment of Canada told the paper.

“They were both so friendly and so kind and genuine when they spoke. We offered them congratulations on the wedding and they both said thank you.”

No selfies

Meghan reportedly turned down a couple of fan’s request to get a selfie in her first royal engagement with Prince Harry. Why? You guessed it: royal protocol.

She reportedly said to them “We’re not allowed to do selfies,” reported the Daily Mirror.

The very modern rule was reportedly created to encourage people not to turn their back on royals (a big no-no) and make conversation with them instead.

She kept her nails pale

Some noticed Meghan kept her nails in the same pale nude tone she wore for her wedding yesterday – but was it simply a style choice to match her outfit or did she have no choice?

You guessed it: royal members of the family are prohibited from wearing dark or coloured nail polish or fake nails.

According OK!, these are deemed ‘vulgar’ by the royal family.

Meghan kept her nails pale for the occasion as part of royal protocol. [Photo: Getty]
Meghan kept her nails pale for the occasion as part of royal protocol. [Photo: Getty]

Everyone knows that marrying into the royal family means entering a life of arbitrary etiquette and strict royal codes of conduct, which for Meghan means keeping her skirt a certain length at all times, curtseying in front of the Queen and nailing the ‘Duchess slant’ rather than crossing her legs.

It’ll be interesting to see how Meghan transforms…

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