Roman Kemp: ‘Piers Morgan is now sounding like a voice of reason’

Piers Morgan has upset Conservative MPs so much that they are boycotting Good Morning Britain (Getty Images)

The global pandemic has put a lot of things into new perspective, but this one might come as a surprise to some: Capital FM DJ Roman Kemp says he’s finding Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan a bit of a comfort.

Kemp, who was chatting to Kate Thornton on White Wine Question Time, said he’s finally agreeing with what Morgan is saying.

“I think it's just a really strange time, whereby Piers Morgan is now sounding like a voice of reason,” he joked.

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“For the moment, honestly, everything that Piers has said is dead on the money. And I think that, you know, in a way, he's kind of been this voice of reason in a weird, weird way.”

According to Morgan, Conservative MPs have boycotted Good Morning Britain because he asked those that appeared on the show “tough questions”.

Speaking on Twitter, the former Britain’s Got Talent judge said: "This is the 15th day of its boycott of our show during the worst national crisis since WW2. All because we asked them tough questions."

Roman Kemp says one of the strangest things about the pandemic is agreeing with Piers Morgan! (Getty Images)

Good Morning Britain has received 212 complaints about the confrontational interview style that Morgan has been demonstrating on the show, but Kemp believes that the former Mirror editor has become the voice of the nation, as he’s getting angry on their behalf.

“At the moment, you know, he is what people need when they wake up, because he is venting for the nation,” he said. “He is stopping people from going through their day angry, feeling like they're not understood.”

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The I’m A Celebrity star continued: “The biggest reason when people get angry is when they feel misunderstood, and they feel like they're not heard. He's literally just venting for the nation… and that provides a little bit of relief.”

While podcast host Thornton agreed with Kemp’s sentiment, she also said they should be careful not to swell Morgan’s head with too many compliments, to which Kemp delivered the ultimate parting shot:

“Don't get me wrong: sometimes he can be an absolute knob,” he laughed. “But, you know, he's really been really getting it right.”

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