Robbie Williams opens up about the heartbreaking impact of fame on mental health

In an interview with Good Morning Britain, Robbie Williams addressed the mental health struggles of his bandmates and shared his best wishes for fellow boybanders One Direction.

Video transcript

- Do you think it would happen to the equivalent today, the Harry Styles of this world or, you know, the One Ds if you like, if they'd been on the same journey?

ROBBIE WILLIAMS: You could take that, right? Take that damn Mark Owens being into rehab. He's had his struggles. And Gary's talked about his bulimia and his agoraphobia. And you know what happened straight after Take That. Howard talked about, you know, wanting to commit suicide after Take That ended. And Jason just can't be in the band because he can't deal with it because it's too much. And then there's me. So that's what really happened.


Time will tell with One Direction. You know, what happens to them, who they are-- still pretty much early days even though the band have been split up for a while. I wish them love. And I wish them safety as--

- Always.

ROBBIE WILLIAMS: --you know, they're all good boys.