Richard E Grant pays emotional tribute to late wife Joan on her birthday

Richard E Grant is taking inspiration from his late wife credit:Bang Showbiz
Richard E Grant is taking inspiration from his late wife credit:Bang Showbiz

Richard E. Grant takes "inexhaustible inspiration" from his late wife's health battle.

The 65-year-old actor lost his wife Joan Washington in 2021, after she was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and he has paid tribute to her on what would have been her 65th birthday.

Sharing a photo of Joan on Twitter, he wrote: "Taken on her last ever birthday, 21st December - my beloved late wife Joan.

"Her bravery, fortitude, resistance and acceptance of her diagnosis, are an inexhaustible inspiration. I miss her more than is measurable."

Earlier this year, Richard admitted he felt like "an old turtle" without his shell after his wife's death, and he has struggled to get used to life without her.

Sharing a video on him on a beach on vacation on Twitter, he wrote: "Beautiful as this beach is, I feel and look like an old turtle without my shell, trying to navigate the world on my own, having lost my loving ‘compass’ called Joan."

Richard also shared a video revealing some touching advice from Joan as he strolled along the beach on the Gold Coast in Australia and smiled.

He said: "Feels like a whole new world. navigating solo after 38 years together.

"Joan so wisely asked me, 'Find a pocket full of happiness in each day'. Try my best."

Richard previously revealed that shortly before her death, Joan had encouraged him and their daughter Olivia to try to find moments of joy every day.

During the pandemic, 'The Rise of Skywalker' star explained: "Shortly before my wife died she challenged my daughter and I to try and be happy, everyday we have tried to find something to lift our spirits.

"At the end of an absolutely brutal year. I hope you can do the same, wherever you are, beat COVID and everything that has been thrown at us. Have a great Friday."