Revealed: This year's most popular resolutions

Will you be making resolutions this year? [Photo: Getty]
Will you be making resolutions this year? [Photo: Getty]

You’ve eaten your body weight in Ferrero Rochers and your exercise regime for the last few weeks has pretty much involved lifting the glass to your lips and switching the channel on the remote.

So it will probably come as no surprise that this year’s top two resolutions are to exercise more and lose weight.

Yep according to a recent ComRes poll, 38% of us will likely make the vow that 2019 will be the year we get our gym on and kickstart a proper exercise regime.

Coming in a close second was the promise to tackle our jelly bellies with a third of us claiming getting trim is topping our must-do list.

It seems 2019 could be the year we actually try to get healthy with 32% pledging to eat more healthily and 15% saying they want to take a more active approach to their lives.

But health isn’t the only thing on our minds as we make our resolutions this year in fact 15% of us have said they plan on learning a new skill or hobby and a sentimental 12% vowing to spend more time with friends and family.

This year’s second most popular resolution is to lose weight [Photo: Getty]
This year’s second most popular resolution is to lose weight [Photo: Getty]

Cutting down or out our vices is also something we’re keen to tackle this year with 12% wanting to drink less alcohol (dry January here we come) and 9% hoping to quit smoking.

But while we’re full of all the good intentions, actually making a resolution doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll stick to it.

A recent poll by Bupa asked 2,000 people if they were confident they would stick to their 2018 goals, but only half thought they would.

What are your New Year Resolutions or do you prefer not to make them?

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