The Repair Shop's Steve Fletcher shares proud dad moment in rare family insight

Steve Fletcher on The Repair Shop
Steve Fletcher on The Repair Shop (Guy Levy,BBC)

The Repair Shop star Steve Fletcher is a doting dad to five children and sometimes shares glimpses of his family life on social media.

Earlier this month, the horologist was a proud dad to his daughter, whose name is unknown, as she graduated with a degree in Primary Teacher Education from Oxford Brookes University. Congratulations!

Taking to Instagram, the TV star posted a photo from graduation day, showing Steve with his arm around his daughter, who was donning a traditional cap and gown.

Expressing his pride in the caption, Steve penned: "A very proud day for our family yesterday!

"Wonderful to watch my daughter graduate from @oxfordbrookes with a BA(Hons) in Primary Teacher Education."

Who are Steve Fletcher's children?

Steve has five children in total: four daughters and a son, several of whom have gone on to have kids of their own.

Steve Fletcher on The Repair Shop
Steve Fletcher is a horologist (Guy Levy)

Steve's son Fred has followed in his footsteps and works as a junior clockmaker at his workshop, while one of his daughters, Milly, also works for the shop and "keeps the business going".

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Fred even made an appearance on The Repair Shop last year and assisted his dad in repairing the largest timepiece ever attempted on the programme. Watch a clip from the episode below.

Meanwhile, Amelia, Steve's eldest daughter, works as his manager.

Spending quality time with his loved ones is clearly important to Steve, who in 2020, shared two sweet snaps from family holidays to Cornwall. "We all lead such busy lives, but we try to get away to Cornwall together every year (these photos were taken a few years apart)," he penned in the caption.

Steve Fletcher with his five children on holiday in Cornwall
Steve with his five children on holiday in Cornwall (Steve Fletcher/Instagram)

"With partners and grandchildren, there are quite a few of us, so it's absolutely lovely to be able to enjoy precious time in each other's company."

Who are the experts on The Repair Shop?

Sonnaz Nooranvary, Lucia Scalisi, Julie Tatchell, William Kirk, Jay Blades, Amanda Middleditch, Suzie Fletcher, Dominic Chinea, Steve Fletcher
Sonnaz Nooranvary, Lucia Scalisi, Julie Tatchell, William Kirk, Jay Blades, Amanda Middleditch, Suzie Fletcher, Dominic Chinea, Steve Fletcher (Guy Levy)
  • Jay Blades: Presenter and furniture restoration expert

  • Will Kirk: Carpenter and woodwork expert

  • Steve Fletcher: Horologist

  • Suzie Fletcher: Leatherworker and saddle expert

  • Kirsten Ramsay: Expert in ceramics

  • Dominic Chinea: Metal worker and car restorer

  • Brenton West: Silversmith, photography expert

  • Sonnaz Nooranvary: Upholstery Restorer

  • Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell: Soft toy restores known as 'The Teddy Bear Ladies'

  • Lucia Scalisi: Painting and artwork restorer

  • Mark Stuckey: Electronics expert and radio restorer

  • Neil Fairley: Vintage electronics repairer

  • Hannah Weston Smith: Traditional Upholsterer

Who is Steve Fletcher's partner?

Steve Fletcher is in a relationship with a woman named Mel. The couple reside together in Witney, which is where Steve's clock and watch repair business, The Clock Workshop, is based.

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Steve likes to keep his romantic life out of the spotlight, so little is known about his partner. However, we do know that she had a hand in launching the clock expert's television career.

Steve Fletcher and his partner Mel close up
Steve Fletcher and his partner Mel (stevefletcher.clocks)

Crediting Mel for helping him land his role on The Repair Shop, Steve previously told the BBC: "In 2016 I received an email from a company that I hadn't heard of asking if I would be interested in taking part in a brand new show."

He continued: "Not trusting anything that is on the internet, I nearly deleted it and would have done if my partner, Mel, hadn't stopped me saying that it all looks ok. I responded and a few moments later had a phone call from [producer] Shane who told me about the show and I agreed to appear on it."