The Repair Shop viewers in tears over Dominic Chinea's incredible repair in 'best' episode of series

The Repair Shop's Dominic Chinea
The Repair Shop's Dominic Chinea (BBC)

The Repair Shop viewers were reaching for the tissues during Wednesday night's episode over Dominic Chinea's incredible scooter repair.

The metalwork expert welcomed father and daughter Harry and Belinda into the barn, who brought with them a scooter that Belinda's parents bought for her as a child.

Belinda explained that the scooter was falling apart after 61 years and that she was keen for Dominic to repair the two-wheeler so that her grandchildren could continue the fun family tradition of riding down a hill in London's Greenwich Park.

Harry and Belinda on The Repair Shop
Harry and Belinda brought a rusty scooter into the barn on The Repair Shop (BBC)

Harry told the metalwork expert that the scooter would be his "legacy" for his two great-grandchildren, prompting Dom to work his magic on the bike.

After welding, spraying and polishing the scooter, Dom welcomed Harry and Belinda back into the barn for the big reveal.

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The pair were overwhelmed by Dom's work, with Belinda exclaiming: "Oh Dad, it's wonderful! Isn't it wonderful!"

The Repair Shop guest Harry
Harry was overwhelmed with the repair (BBC)

A teary-eyed Harry responded: "I'm lost for words," adding: "Fantastic. That's brand new."

"Well I thought well I won't shed a tear but," he said, wiping his eyes.

The trio then ventured out of the barn and Harry took the scooter for a spin. Watch the heartwarming moment in the video below.

Viewers were in tears over the touching repair, with one person writing on Twitter, now X: "I just *might* have cried at the bloke with the scooter #TheRepairShop," while another added: "Watching a 92-year-old father see a scooter he gifted to his daughter over 60yrs ago restored to look like it did when he bought it is why I love this programme. What a brilliant job he's made of it too, not a dry eye in the house."

Others praised Dom's impressive restoration, with one person writing: "Best repair ever. Harry on the scooter, 'I could go faster, but they wouldn't let me.' Brilliant," while another added: "Great one tonight, great job of the scooter @DominicChinea."

Jay Blades, Belinda Hills, Harry Back and Dominic Chinea on The Repair Shop
Host Jay Blades and expert Dominic Chinea with guests Harry and Belinda (BBC)

A third person tweeted: "Well done Dom. Top notch job as usual," while another hailed the episode as the best in the series so far: "Tonight is best in series so far, IMO. Superb restorations all round."

Who are the experts on The Repair Shop?

Sonnaz Nooranvary, Lucia Scalisi, Julie Tatchell, William Kirk, Jay Blades, Amanda Middleditch, Suzie Fletcher, Dominic Chinea, Steve Fletcher
Sonnaz Nooranvary, Lucia Scalisi, Julie Tatchell, William Kirk, Jay Blades, Amanda Middleditch, Suzie Fletcher, Dominic Chinea, Steve Fletcher (Guy Levy)
  • Jay Blades: Presenter and furniture restoration expert

  • Will Kirk: Carpenter and woodwork expert

  • Steve Fletcher: Horologist

  • Suzie Fletcher: Leatherworker and saddle expert

  • Kirsten Ramsay: Expert in ceramics

  • Dominic Chinea: Metal worker and car restorer

  • Brenton West: Silversmith, photography expert

  • Sonnaz Nooranvary: Upholstery Restorer

  • Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell: Soft toy restores known as 'The Teddy Bear Ladies'

  • Lucia Scalisi: Painting and artwork restorer

  • Mark Stuckey: Electronics expert and radio restorer

  • Neil Fairley: Vintage electronics repairer

  • Hannah Weston Smith: Traditional Upholsterer

The Repair Shop returned to screens earlier this month with new episodes of the latest series, which arrived just days after the show picked up the gong for Daytime at the National Television Awards.

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After accepting the award, Jay noted that it was a "rarity" for the show to win the prize, which has gone to This Morning for the past 12 years.

Paying tribute to his co-stars, Jay said: "I would like to salute my experts, they are my family.

The Repair Shop wins Daytime at 28th National Television Awards
The Repair Shop won Daytime at 28th National Television Awards (James Veysey/Shutterstock for NTA)

"We're the new kids on the block and I'm glad we've won this time. I know it won't be a regular thing so thank you."

The experts clearly share a close bond, with Jay revealing that the cast are "like a family" in an interview with The Guardian earlier this year. "We spend nine months a year filming, all staying in the same hotel and having meals together, so we've become like a family," he explained.