All the renovations Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly making to Frogmore Cottage

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Commonwealth Day 2019

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have a busy few weeks ahead of them! The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are, of course, preparing for the birth of their first child, due sometime around the end of April. However, they're also finishing up renovations on their new home in Windsor, and things don't seem to be going as smooth as planned.

The royal couple was reportedly supposed to move into Frogmore Cottage this week, but according to the Daily Mail, due to last minute changes in renovations, things could take up to another four weeks. This means that they'll be moving in just before Meghan is due. Nothing like adding a little extra stress to your third trimester!

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A royal source told The Sun that "it's been all hands to the pump. The builders have worked all week whatever the weather. But they keep making changes, particularly on the layout." They continued, "The word is they've been quite demanding, which is understandable as what homeowner doesn't want their house to be perfect?"

Harry and Meghan have reportedly made many significant changes to the property, which was previously broken up into 20 apartments for royal staff. The now five en-suite bedroom home will include a yoga studio, "an elaborate Gone With The Wind-style double staircase," new grand fireplaces in "principal rooms," a kitchen diner, alcove bookcases and vanity units, run on green energy and have "Fort Knox" levels of security, according to the Daily Mail.

However, the biggest renovation the Duke and Duchess have made is soundproofing the entire home, which is reportedly coming in at around £50,000, according to The Sun. Frogmore Cottage is located near Heathrow Airport, so the soundproofing will help block out the noise of passing jets above, which seems especially important for a family set to have a new baby.

The entire renovation is said to cost between £2 million and £3 million, although Kensington Palace has not made any official statements on the total cost. According to Daily Mail, the building work costs will be covered by the Sovereign Grant, while all fixtures and soundproofing will be paid for by the couple.

Frogmore Cottage was built in the 18th century for Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III, who was said to use the home as a retreat for her and her unmarried daughters.

However, the home is something special to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as well. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle invited a group of nearly 200 guests for a wedding reception hosted by Prince Charles to the property in May 2018. The home sits on the grounds of Windsor Castle, where the couple also took their engagement photos.