Reneé Rapp addresses fans who are questioning her sexuality

Reneé Rapp addresses fans who are questioning her sexuality

Reneé Rapp has candidly addressed fans who question her sexual orientation.

On Monday 25 March, the actress and singer took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to write a message to anyone who may not trust what she says about her sexuality.

“If I say I’m a lesbian I am a lesbian and if someone says they’re bi they are bi I’ve had enough of you witches,” her post read.

After posting, many people took to the comments to show their support for the Mean Girls actress.

“Seriously people need to allow people [to be] who they are,” one comment read.

Another agreed, writing: “And spoiler: people can change their sexuality and you don’t get to decide whether that’s accepted or not BC IT’S THEIR SEXUALITY NOT YOURS.”

Rapp has opened up about her sexuality before. In February, she said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that her Sex Lives of College Girls character Leighton Murray’s coming out journey had parallels to her real life.

“Look, this is good and bad. Being celebrated for being out because of a TV show or celebrity or success or something was really interesting because I think it forced a lot of people in my life and my family to have to accept me in a weird way, and in some ways that are twisted, like: ‘Damn, we could have done that a long time ago without her being on a TV show,’” she told the outlet.

She even explained that her coming out scene on the show came from her real emotions and she didn’t consider it to be acting.

“However, I think it made it a lot easier in ways that pissed me off, but I’m also really grateful for. That [show] was the most parallel experience in my life, and I remember doing that specific coming out scene and not acting at all - at all. I was just sobbing. I see that and I don’t see a character. I’m like: ‘That’s me,’” she shared.

Rapp appeared on TikTok star Jake Shane’s Therapuss podcast, where she discussed her journey further.

“I just remember being like 14 and being like: ‘I think I like girls too.’ And all my friends were like: ‘No you don’t.’ And I was like: ‘Oh, okay.’ Like all I wanted was approval. Also all I wanted specifically, all my friends who were lesbians, all I wanted was their approval,” she said.

Speaking to THR, Rapp also noted that in her hit song, “Snow Angel” – which came out in June –  she sang about sexual assault, as the tune shares more about her story. She acknowledged that she’s still processing her thoughts after the experience, while she’s continued to be more open about it.

“I still feel like I’m sorting through those feelings. I do understand that it was an incredibly traumatic experience that I don’t remember at all. And it feels weird to talk about because I don’t remember it,” she said.