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This £7 clothes airer maximises radiator heat to dry washing

clothes airer
This affordable clothes airer is an economical way to dry washing. (JVL/ Amazon)

Hanging clothes outside is no longer an option with the temperatures plummeting and downpours happening almost daily. As a result, heated clothes airers have seen an explosion in popularity thanks to being a cost-effective solution to drying your washing, and have been flying off shelves - so much so, it's almost impossible to get your hands on one.

In a bid to find an indoor hanging tool for our clothes that's both efficient and affordable, we've been on the hunt for an alternative and have finally found the perfect product: the JVL Folding Clothes Radiator Drying Airer.

For less than £10, it hooks onto the back of your radiator and instantly provides an extra three meters of drying space.

Best of all when your heating is on, it will dry any clothes hanging on it even quicker than usual - all without the need to shell out on a heated airer, or put the dreaded tumble dryer on.

Why we rate it

No matter how large or narrow your radiator is, this appliance has an adjustable fit, which can be extended or shortened to fit various widths.

It's also easily portable, so you can move it from room to room, depending on where the most amount of space is.

If you're living in a smaller flat, it also folds away neatly to won't take up space like traditional clothes airers nor get in your way when it's full assembled.

What the reviews say

Still need convincing? On Amazon, you'll find over 3,200 reviews, of which 59% are five-star ratings.

Customers have praised how brilliant it is for small spaces and how much faster it dries clothes as garments can be better spread out instead of piled on top of each other.

One described it as an "excellent simple design" while another said it's "great for a small flat with no outside space." Some customers have even purchased one for every radiator in their house.

Buy it now: JVL Folding Clothes Radiator Drying Airer | £7.39 from Amazon

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It's not the only expandable radiator clothes airer you can shop, we've also spotted three more similar products to supercharge drying times this winter.

John Lewis have a popular stainless steel design, which has just come back into stock after selling out, and you can also find a two-pack on Amazon for extra large loads of washing.

Here's some more radiator clothes airers worth snapping up

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