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Lakeland's selling a heated clothes 'cabinet' that costs just 41p an hour to run

Dry:Soon's heated cabinet for speeding up drying times is finally back in stock.
Dry:Soon's heated cabinet for speeding up drying times is finally back in stock. (Lakeland)

Rainy UK winters mean that hanging the washing out is a thing of the past. But putting the heating on simply to dry endless piles of laundry isn't ideal, especially as we're all being mindful of our increasing energy bill this year.

Let us present you with a solution. Lakeland's Dry:Soon Heated Cabinet, finally available after selling out in October, promises to be an affordable option for drying clothes - and eliminates the need to iron. Sounds good, right?

Costing £129.99, it's ideal for drying clothes that can't be tumble dried and boasts a running cost of just 41p per hour. This was calculated based upon the electricity unit cost of 34p per kw/h, as set out in the October 2022 price cap, however prices may vary depending on your domestic electricity prices at the time of use.

Well worth a spot in your home, we've got all the details on how it works and why it's so brilliant. It won't be available for long however - the rest of the Dry:Soon range at Lakeland is completely sold out - so you'll need to be quick to snap this up.

Why we rate it

The heated cabinet zips fully closed to retain heat, and inside it circulates hot air around your clothes, drying them faster than hanging them on a non-heated option.

Using a similar method to Lakeland's Drying Pod just in a larger frame, the zip-up cabinet has a powerful 1200W fan at the bottom, which heats air up to around 65˚C and then blows it up into your clothes for speedy drying.

heated cabinet
The heated cabinet has already sold out multiple times in recent months and has just been restocked. (Lakeland)
It even comes with a handy remote and timer. (Lakeland)
It even comes with a handy remote and timer. (Lakeland)

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It can hold up to 10kg of laundry and there's space for 12 items of clothing on its two hanging rails for shirts, dresses and skirts - perfect for helping retain crisp collars or details such as pleats.

It also has a built-in timer, which can be set for up to 6 hours, and will automatically switch the fan off when its time is up.

Not only that, it won't get in the way either, when you're finished using it, simply fold it flat and stow away. What more could you want?

What the reviews say

Lakeland customers have been singing its praises. Here's what some had to say:

  • "Easy to put together and doesn't take up much space. The bonus is I don't need to put heating on in the room as it makes it nice and warm"

  • "Very easily ordered, lady very helpful, delivered very quickly. Have had used it several times and it works perfectly. Just great, love it."

  • "This heated cabinet is great! It takes 12 items on hangers with a decent amount of space in between to dry thoroughly. You can set the time and walk away, the unit shuts off when it has finished, no annoying bleeping! It is very kind to clothes and makes ironing so much easier. For its footprint, it really is amazing, it folds away and slides in to any small space. I would highly recommend it"

  • "Great product, dries T-shirt’s, jumpers, anything you can hang, takes a bit longer with jeans and thicker items but great quicker then a tumble dryer. Makes the room nice and warm too"

Buy it now: Dry:Soon Heated Cabinet | £129.99 from Lakeland

Lakeland heated cabinet
Lakeland heated cabinet

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