Queen officially welcomes Meghan Markle

Photo credit: Hearst Communications, Inc. All rights reserved
Photo credit: Hearst Communications, Inc. All rights reserved

From Harpers Bazaar UK

Anybody who spent their first Christmas with the in-laws this year will admit to feeling nervous ahead of the family festivities.

But when your husband-to-be's grandmother is the Queen, we cannot even begin to imagine how nerve-wracking it must have been.

Yet Meghan Markle was given the royal stamp of approval on Christmas Day, as Her Majesty proudly propped the engagement portrait of Meghan and Prince Harry on her desk.

In the Queen's annual Christmas speech, Her Majesty also emphasised that she is looking forward to welcoming new members of the family in 2018.

Meghan is of course set to wed the Queen's grandson in May while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge prepare to welcome their third child in April next year.

Her Majesty also took the opportunity to pay tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh in light of their 70th wedding anniversary and his retirement, as she praised the 96-year-old's "unique sense of humour".

Photographs of her great-grandchildren Prince George and Princess Charlotte also sat proudly behind Her Majesty during the annual speech.

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