Fancy royal life? The Queen's hiring a cleaner - but the pay's not great

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Would you like to work for Her Majesty? [Photo: Getty]
Would you like to work for Her Majesty? [Photo: Getty]

The Queen is hiring an individual to work as part of the royal household at Windsor Castle.

If you’ve ever aspired to work for royalty, this could be your chance to make your dream come true.

Her Majesty is looking for a Daily Cleaner to keep one of the royal residence’s spick and span.

The job has been listed on the Buckingham Palace website, for a candidate to join the Master of the Household’s Office department at Windsor.

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While the £14,742 annual salary is a fair bit below the average full-time UK salary of £36,611, it’s worth mentioning this is a 30-hour a week gig – rather than the average 40-hour week.

If you’re not fussed working some weekend hours (the job runs Monday to Sunday) then that could average out to four hours a day. Meaning plenty of free time to play with the Corgis... possibly.

The bar’s set high for the prospective employee. As part of the role, the Queen’s cleaner will be “working as a team to achieve exceptional results.” So, no un-plumped cushions for Her Royal Highness.

The successful applicant will score a job at Windsor Castle. [Photo: Getty]
The successful applicant will score a job at Windsor Castle. [Photo: Getty]

The candidate will be looking after “a wide range of interiors and items” according to the Royal Collection Trust website, that could include everything from a large malachite urn, presented to Queen Victoria by Tsar Nicholas I in 1839, to paintings by Holbein, Van Dyck and Rubens. Gulp.

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Other stipulations involve “previous housekeeping experience and a sharp eye for detail.”

Other current vacancies at Windsor Castle include a Head of the Royal Bindery (we weren’t sure either but, it’s apparently to do with bookbinding and conservation in the archives collection) and an Admissions Assistant.

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