Quarter of Brits dream of next holiday 'every half hour'

Going to work and coming home in the dark really can take its toll on our mood.

It can make people so miserable that they are dreaming about their next sunny escape throughout their day, so much so, that one in four Brits admit to spending every half hour thinking about holidays.

After the excitement of Christmas is over and we've welcomed in the New Year, the buzz dies down and people find themselves searching for something to look forward to, and January is the peak time Brits start dreaming about the sun, sea and new adventures.

A new poll of 2,000 adults conducted between 17-19 January and commissioned by Virgin Atlantic shows that Brits spend an average of one hour and 41 minutes a week dreaming about their next holiday. This adds up to over three and a half days a year.

In addition, 35 per cent of Brits miss the sunshine and a further 15 per cent are feeling the winter blues - which has left nearly one in three planning their summer hols already.

Booking a vacation can be time-consuming as holidaymakers have to decide on dates, destinations, style of holiday (all-inclusive or bed and breakfast anyone?) and let's not forget searching for the nearest activities and restaurants.

Yet, planning a holiday makes most Brits feel happy, with 48 per cent reporting that they get a sense of excitement when starting the process, while over one in three feel it gives them a bit of escapism.

Radio star Jo Whiley, who is the voice behind Virgin Atlantic's new audio series Sandscapes, has admitted that she is always thinking of her next break.

"My days are so hectic, trying to juggle both home and work that I often find myself daydreaming about my next adventure. Holidays are the perfect opportunity to relax and recharge my batteries so I can deal with all that life throws at me," she smiled. "I've thoroughly enjoyed lending my voice to help inspire Brits looking to book their next tropical beach break with this wander-lust audio series that offers a quick escape to some of Virgin Atlantic's most exotic beach destinations."

Holiday planning favourites - what Brits love the most:

- Packing and picking out outfits

- Picking the destination

- Exploring the area online

- Shopping

- Preparing the itinerary

- Researching food and restaurants