Putin says he doesn’t have off days 'because he’s not a woman'

Russian President Vladimir Putin talks to German Chancellor Angela Merkel
Putin has quite a track record [Photo: PA]

Vladimir Putin has said that he never has off days because “I’m not a woman”.

Filmmaker Oliver Stone, who had rare access to the leader between 2015 and 2017 while making a documentary about the leader, asked him if he ever had “off days” to which Putin replied: “I am not a woman, so I don’t have bad days.”

“I am not trying to insult anyone,” Putin added according to Bloomberg.

“That’s just the nature of things. There are certain natural cycles.”

And, understandably, social media is not happy.

It isn’t exactly a shocking thing to hear from Putin, who’s well known for bragging that Russian sex workers are the “best in the world,” and that “weakness is not the worst quality for a woman” regarding Hillary Clinton.

If by “certain natural cycles”, Putin means menstruation then chances are that no, he doesn’t have periods. No cramps, no PMS – lucky him.

Though if he never has “bad days”, then presumably he’s a piece of machinery (which perhaps he’d find quite flattering) and in no way affected by life or hormonal processes that influence men either.

Vladimir Putin and Theresa May
He’s also said that “it’s better not to argue with women” [Photo: PA]

Unfortunately, comments like these from male politicians aren’t exactly rare – especially implications that a women’s biology or ’emotions’ mean they’re less up to the job than men.

Though if this doesn’t persuade people, he can always resort to a old-fashioned macho display. In the rest of the documentary, you can apparently see Putin reminding Stone that he’s a “Judo master”, playing hockey and working out on different bits of gym equipment.

And who could forget those horse riding, shooting and extreme sports photos?

Go figure.

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