Personal trainer reveals the work from home exercises you can do at your desk

Desk exercise. (Getty Images)
Exercise can be done in many different forms. (Getty Images)

Don't always have the time for a full workout? Find yourself glued to your computer screen?

While it's important to get outside (weather dependant) and take time for you when you can, there are some simple exercises you can do during short breaks at your desk to keep your body moving.

Here, personal trainer Holly Braithwaite, personal trainer and co-founder of lifestyle and fitness app POW8R, shares all the moves you can start incorporating into your working day today, as well as a bonus tip anyone can try.

They're likely best for those who work from home, though can also be done in the office (depending on how friendly you are with your colleagues...).

Work-from-home exercises

1. Chair tricep dips

Man doing exercise on chair
Make sure the chair you use can't slip. (Getty Images)

"This is a great exercise you can do in the office or while working from home – just make sure your chair doesn't have wheels!" says Braithwaite.

"Simply stand in front of your chair, facing away, put your palms flat on the front edge and lower yourself down while keeping your legs out in front of you.

"Return to the upright position so your arms are straight.

"Repeat at least 10 times to give your triceps and chest a boost, while also raising your heart rate."

2. Office lunges

"This is the perfect workout manoeuvre for a small office (whether in your home or not) where space is at a premium," says Braithwaite.

"Stand with your hands on your hips, then take a step forward and bend your front knee.

"Raise yourself back to your starting position and repeat as many times as feels comfortable.

"Lunges are a staple for most bodyweight workouts – and for good reason.

"They blitz your core and quads, plus help massively with hamstrings that can suffer if you sit in a desk chair for many hours each day."

3. Desk push-ups

woman doing desk push up
These can be done at home or in the office. (Getty Images)

"Few exercises pack the punch of the humble push-up, so incorporating them into your daily routine is a must for keeping healthy and trim," explains Braithwaite.

"They primarily work the chest and triceps, but offer further benefits and are so easy to carry out.

"With your desk in front of you, place your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart and bend your arms until your chest is close to the desk surface.

"Then straighten your arms to lift yourself back up."

4. Calf raises

"It's important not to forget your lower body, especially if you're sitting down for long periods while working," Braithwaite points out.

"Calf muscles can get tight and stiff, so these simple raises will be a huge help while also strengthening them.

"Stand tall while using your desk or chair for balance, then rise up onto your toes, getting your heels as high as comfortable.

"Hold for a second, then slowly lower yourself back down so your foot is again flat on the floor.

"These are great for when your taking a phone call or in a video meeting. Just make sure your camera isn't on!"

And last but not least, here's how else you can weave some exercise into your day – every little counts.

Turn household chores into a workout!

man cleaning window
Make exercise work for you. (Getty Images)

"We all lead busy lives, so the key to staying healthy is to incorporate as much exercise into your daily routine as possible," says Braithwaite.

"And because keeping our homes clean is one of the main chores, a few tweaks will make a big difference.

"Try lunges while hoovering the lounge carpet and make sure you squat – keeping your back straight and bending the knees - when you pick up stuff.

"Even giving the kitchen floor a scrub can be turned into a calorie-burning and heart-rate-raising winner.

"Scrub in an exaggerated wide, sweeping motion and up the pace.

"You may even get a bit of a sweat on, which is a good sign that you are making a difference to your overall health."

Why not take a break and get your body moving now?

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