Prince William’s favourite cocktail on the cheap

To celebrate Prince William’s 30th birthday Aldi has recreated the Mahiki Treasure Chest, HRH’s favourite £135 beverage for only £25.80

Budget supermarket Aldi  has a special gift for Prince William on his 30th birthday- his favourite Mahiki Treasure Chest cocktail at a fraction of the usual £135 cost.

The store is sending a selection of ingredients to Kensington Palace that will enable William to serve its version, dubbed the ‘Aldiki’, for only £3.23 per person.

The famous Mahiki Treasure Chest is enjoyed by royals, actors and musicians alike at the trendy London cocktail bar. But for those of us without royal-sized finances, £135 for a single tipple is a little on the steep side.

Enter the Aldiki. Costing just £25.80 for eight people, Aldi’s budget version is an exotic mix of rum, brandy, peach schnapps and fruit juice from the supermarket’s drinks range, which is topped off with a celebratory bottle of sparkling wine.

Expert mixologist and cocktail guru Michael Stringer, who created the Aldiki for Aldi said: “Mahiki’s Treasure Chest is deservedly a world-famous drink, but for anyone on a tighter budget, the Aldiki is a great alternative”.

“We wanted to help our customers celebrate this special date in a fun but affordable way. What could be more fitting than raising a glass to the Prince in the style that he enjoys most - but at just a fraction of the price,” an Aldi spokesperson added.

“We’re hoping the Aldiki might even receive the royal seal of approval from Kensington Palace.”

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How to make the Aldiki

(Serves 8)

1.    Pour several handfuls of ice cubes into your treasure chest or punch bowl

2.    Add 800ml apple juice, 800ml pineapple juice, 250ml orange juice, and stir

3.    Squeeze in the juice of 4 fresh limes

4.    Make up your sugar syrup by dissolving 6 tablespoons of caster sugar in 200ml boiling water. Leave to cool before adding to the cocktail mix

5.    Add the following award-winning Aldi spirits to the blend:
a.    400ml Old Hopking White Rum
b.    600ml Old Hopking Dark Rum
c.    200ml Cocobay White Rum & Coconut
d.    200ml Oscar's Peach Schnapps
e.    250ml Napoleon Brandy
6.    Top with a bottle of chilled Veuve Olivier Sparkling Brut sparkling wine
7.    Stir to blend and add more ice cubes if desired
8.    Finally, add a selection of chopped fresh fruit (eg. pineapple, lemon, orange and passion fruit) to garnish