Prince Harry tells Meghan to 'turn around' at Trooping the Colour

It appears that Prince Harry told the Duchess of Sussex to “turn around” during Trooping the Colour at Buckingham Palace last Saturday.

The film shows Meghan, 37, turned away from the crowd having a conversation with the Duke of Sussex, 34.

At a point during the Trooping of Colour, Meghan turns to speak to her husband twice before he appears to utter a curt response.

The exchange has been widely shared online, with people analysing the body language between the two.

Meghan and Harry at Trooping the Colour. [Photo: Getty]
Meghan and Harry at Trooping the Colour. [Photo: Getty]

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The video shows Meghan talking to Harry before Harry simply says “turn around” to her. She turns around moments before the national anthem is played.

After he tells her to turn around, he nods in the direction of the crowd and seems to be saying “look” to her.

The video has been shared widely online.

In order to speak to her husband, she had to change her position so the back of her head was facing the cameras, which for many Royal fans was against usual protocol.

Before this exchange, Meghan appears to ask Harry something, prompting him to say “yes, that’s right.”

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Eagle-eyed fans of the Royal Family noted that Meghan did not look very happy after the exchange.

One Twitter user wrote: “I see Meghan still doesn't follow protocol, Harry had to correct her and tell her to face forward.. TWICE. She eventually turned around and looked like she was going to start crying. The balcony seemed rather chilly if you ask me.”

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Others were less convinced that they were arguing. One person commented that the Duchess of Cornwall had also turned around to speak to Prince Charles but nobody had noticed or commented on that.

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