'Prince Harry was always going to go off and do his own thing'

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Speculation of a rift between Kate, William, Harry and Meghan began to emerge shortly after the announcement that the Duke and Duchess are moving to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.

There have been reports of tensions between the royal brothers and a ‘feud’ between the sister-in-laws, with sources saying that the Duchess of Cambridge “was left in tears following a bridesmaids dress fitting for Princess Charlotte.”

Every time the foursome step out together in public, last time was on Christmas Day, there has also been analysis of their body language.

All of the various stories have left the world wondering whether there’s any truth about the rumoured rift?

Prince Harry was always going to branch out on his own [Photo: Getty]
Prince Harry was always going to branch out on his own [Photo: Getty]

Royal correspondent Omid Scobie tells Yahoo UK‘s ‘The Royal Box‘ that theres’ always been the expectation Harry would go off and do his own thing and the move to Windsor isn’t a surprise.

He says: “It’s very easy or maybe I should say lazy, to allow this to play into that narrative of ‘oh, they’re at each other’s throats.’

“I’ve had aides at Kensington Palace say to me that long before Meghan even came on the scene, they always knew that when he got married and wasn’t sort of the spare wheel, that he would go off and do his own thing, with his partner and they would very much live under their own household with their own staff.”

PR expert Nick Ede adds: “I think it’s just a way of the newspapers trying to sell as much as possible, get those column inches but really this is expected of a royal couple.”

The division of the couples’ shared household is set to take place ahead of the Harry and Meghan’s first child in April or May, according to The Sunday Times.

Their office will remain at Kensington Palace and press officers will be split between the couples, with extra staff possibly assisting from Buckingham Palace.

The split will reflect the Cambridges’ and the Sussexes’ different responsibilities and areas of interest.

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