Primark are selling unicorn makeup brushes

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If you are still applying your makeup with regular boring old black makeup brushes, you need to seriously up your game because times they are a changing and makeup brushes have taken extra to a whole new level.

From Harry Potter makeup brushes:

Photo credit: Storybook Cosmetics
Photo credit: Storybook Cosmetics

To Beauty and the Beast inspired brushes:

And jumbo rainbow makeup brushes:

Photo credit: King of the Booth
Photo credit: King of the Booth

Even mermaid makeup brushes:

And of course unicorn makeup brushes:

Yes, we will admit we did lose our shit when Unicorn Lashes launched their unicorn themed makeup brushes, but if you still haven't managed to get your hands (or should that be hoofs) on a pair, you might just be a little bit excited to hear that Primark are launching their own range.

Taking to Instagram, Primark shared a pic of their latest magical creation and with their turquoise spiralled handles and ombre lilac bristles, they certainly look whimsical.

But of course as with all good things, there's a catch. If you live in Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal or America you will be able to paint your face with the brushes of dreams, but if you live in the UK I'm afraid these bad boys aren't available...yet.

Photo credit: Giphy
Photo credit: Giphy

Never ones to take no for an answer, we have reached out to Primark to see if they have any plans to launch in the UK and don't worry you will be the first to hear when we know.


Primark have confirmed the unicorn brushes of dreams will be coming to the UK although with lilac handles instead of turquoise. Primark don't have a confirmed release date yet.

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