Man's present wrapping hack goes viral just in time for Christmas

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Young smiling woman packing Christmas present
Christmas wrapping could be made easier with this simple hack. [Photo: Getty]

One man’s present wrapping hack has taken the internet by storm – and you’re going to want to see this.

With just days to go until Christmas, Twitter user Chuck B caught the collective attention of his fellow users with an enlightening how-to wrapping video which shows you how to make the best of limited wrapping paper.

We’ve all been caught short with not quite enough paper to wrap out gifts – particularly when we’re out of practice and can’t quite remember the most efficient way to use it.

But the footage offers a helpful solution, demonstrating how simply turning the present around diagnonally and overlapping the corners of the wrapping paper, so that it cover the present perfectly.

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While the video doesn’t appear to be Chuck’s own creation, his tweet has caught the attention of the masses.

The now-viral video has garnered 40,000 likes and over 11,000 retweets at time of writing, with people seeming amazed by the trick.

Other, more seasoned present wrappers claimed they were already familiar with the trick.

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Meanwhile, for those looking for a twist on traditional wrapping paper, PrezzyBox is selling its personalised wrapping paper – which you can have your face printed on.

As it stands, the average household will get through some four rolls of wrapping paper over the festive period.

Other viral sensations for this Christmas season include tree explosion videos which have been circulating on video clip sharing platform, Tik Tok.

The videos feature Christmas trees popping up from nowhere.

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They show people throwing a “bomb” (which is actually a bauble) into a room. There’s then an explosion sound and as if by magic, the whole room is transformed into a winter wonderland.

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