Everyone's going mad for these Christmas explosion videos

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The craze started on TikTok. [Photo: Getty]
The craze started on TikTok. [Photo: Getty]

It’s official; people are already putting their Christmas trees up.

The fact that 89% of people said it was too soon in our recent poll isn’t dampening the Christmas spirit of the hundreds of people on social media app, TikTok.

Brilliant videos of Christmas trees popping up as if from nowhere in a viral trend called “Christmas explosions” are dominating the internet and we can see why. They’re strangely addictive.

The videos show people throwing a “bomb” (which is actually a bauble) into a room. There’s then an explosion sound and as if by magic, the whole room is transformed into a winter wonderland.

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Twitter user, Alex Ryan, liked the videos so much she made her own compilation to share with other users.

The videos have been shared almost 500,000 times as people start to think about dusting off their Christmas trees for another season.

One of the videos shows a woman throwing a bauble on the bed towards her two dogs. She shuts the door and when she re-opens it again, her dogs are dressed in Christmas jumpers and the whole bedroom is suitably festive.

TikTok is all about music and so song played over the top of these videos is Deck The Halls, another exciting reminder that Christmas is coming.

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“Damn these people have some beautiful homes.” One person pointed out.

She has a point. Many of the homes featured in the videos were picture perfect, taking Christmas to an entirely new level.

Someone else commented: “I was thinking damn man they have some mmooonneeyyy. If i did one it be just a bunch of dollar tree decorations falling apart as my dogs destroy my home haha.”

Even if our Christmas decorations won’t be quite as decadent as the ones in the pictures, we can’t help but feel a buzz of excitement.

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