How A Pinch Of Cinnamon Can Transform Your Morning Cup Of Coffee

cinnamon on top of a mocha
cinnamon on top of a mocha - Ali Waxman/Getty Images

Humans are creatures of habit and routine; however, sometimes a small change can really elevate an experience for us. For example, if you simply add an ingredient to your morning cup of coffee, it can transform the entire drink. And this ingredient is a spice that is probably already in your pantry -- cinnamon. The first time you had cinnamon in your coffee, or coffee drink rather, might have been when you tried a Baskin-Robbins Cappuccino Blast, or frozen coffee drink from your local cafe. The cinnamon atop the whipped cream really made all the difference with the delicious coffee flavor. That's because cinnamon brings warmth to a brew and adds a hint of sweetness, so you don't need extra sugar in your joe.

Ready to incorporate cinnamon in your morning java? First, it might be wise to know the difference between types of cinnamon. Once you have picked out your cinnamon, then you can add it to your coffee drinks. For instance, if you foam your milk, sprinkle on a pinch of cinnamon atop your cup. Or let's say you like to add whipped cream to your coffee. Top the whipped cream with a dusting of cinnamon. If you make lattes instead, stir a dash of cinnamon directly into your drink. And be sure to take a good whiff of your cup. The aromatic scent from cinnamon greets your nose immediately as you take a sip. Along with the aroma from the coffee, this fragrant drink will really help wake you up in the morning.

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For A Flavor Punch, Mix Cinnamon Directly Into Your Coffee Grounds

a coffee with cinnamon
a coffee with cinnamon - Yktr/Getty Images

Beyond just sprinkling cinnamon on top or into your coffee or latte, you can even add cinnamon to your coffee grounds. Grind your coffee beans as you usually do, then mix in about 1/4 teaspoon of ground cinnamon for every cup before brewing the coffee. Your brewed coffee with have a warm punch, thanks to the spice, and added subtle sweetness. If you want even more flavor in your brewed coffee, add a pinch of nutmeg or some ground cardamom, along with the cinnamon, to your coffee grounds. Nutmeg and cardamom both pair beautifully with cinnamon.

If you like adding syrups to your coffee drinks, you can even make a simple syrup with cinnamon. Try our easy spiced simple syrup recipe. Aside from using it to sweeten and spice up your lattes and coffees, mix this syrup into other drinks like chai, milkshakes, smoothies, or cocktails and mocktails.

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