The Mistake You're Making When Preparing Bacon In The Microwave

Cooked bacon on plate
Cooked bacon on plate - Bhofack2/Getty Images

There's a reason that bacon is a star ingredient in so many dishes (including desserts). It's packed with flavor. However, there's no denying that it can be a bit of a pain to make, with each cooking method having its downsides. If you've deemed the oven too time-consuming and the stovetop too prone to splatters, you might opt to microwave bacon instead. Before you fling your bacon into your microwave, Mashed has found that there are a few mistakes everyone makes when cooking bacon, including one specific to microwaving. When it comes to zapping bacon in the microwave, you want to steer clear of paper towels during the cooking process.

Many microwave methods instruct you to lay your bacon atop a layer of paper towels to soak up the grease and allow the bacon to get nice and crispy, with some even adding another layer of paper towels on top to catch the grease splatters. Though this makes for a quick and easy cleanup, often, the paper towel sticks to the bacon if you don't peel it off fast enough. Not to mention using that many paper towels for a few slices of bacon isn't exactly environmentally friendly. Grab a bowl and plate instead. Turn the bowl upside down and drape your bacon over it to cook, allowing the grease to collect on the plate below.

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Bacon At The Ready

Cooked bacon on parchment paper
Cooked bacon on parchment paper - Elena Veselova/Shutterstock

Though any microwave cooking method for bacon might seem foolproof, there are a few additional tips to consider. First of all, even with the bowl and plate method, you'll still want to avoid overcrowding your bacon as it will just end up soggy. Instead, microwave it in batches if you're looking to make a lot of bacon. Keep an eye on it as well, and take it out just a little bit before it's perfectly done because it continues to cook a bit and crisp more once you remove it. Whatever method you prefer, it's worth noting that microwaving is typically best for those who prefer crispy bacon. Finally, another benefit to parting ways with the paper towels is that you'll have all that rendered bacon fat available and ready to use in another dish, so don't immediately clean up that collecting plate underneath your bacon-topped bowl. Consider how you might repurpose that flavor-packed fat in another dish first.

If the bowl method isn't your favorite, or you just don't have any bowls you think would do the trick, there are gadgets to help you achieve crispy bacon in the microwave. There's even one that essentially uses the same approach as the bowl and plate method, just in a more streamlined way. The bacon slices hang on a rack over a rimmed dish to catch the dripping grease.

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