Photos show what 15 different mansions, palaces, and parks in 'Bridgerton' look like in real life

colin bridgerton and penelope featherington, played by luke newton and nicola coughlan, standing together and smiling at each other in a floral market
Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan star in season three of "Bridgerton."Netflix
  • The Netflix series "Bridgerton" reimagines what Regency-era London was like.

  • Most of the homes and surreal ball scenes are set in upper-class London neighborhoods like Mayfair.

  • In reality, filming took place across the UK. Some locations are even open to the public.

Dearest gentle readers, if you don't know already, "Bridgerton" is back and bigger than ever.

The first four episodes of season three are now available to watch on Netflix, with the second half of the season dropping on June 13. With the exception of the series' spinoff about Queen Charlotte, the latest season is much like others in that it focuses on the romantic lives of the well-to-do Bridgerton family during debutante season in London during the early 1800s.

"Bridgerton" location leader Tony Hood utilized some of the UK's many historic palaces, mansions, and parks, especially those in and outside London, allowing fans to watch and seamlessly travel back in time to Regency-era England.

In reality, many of the filming locations are former private homes that are now available to the public. Take a look.

The Bridgerton family's London residence is actually a Georgian villa in the city suburbs. Sadly, it's not really covered in wisteria.

Rangers House in England covered with wisteria flowers during an episode of "Bridgerton" (Left). The same building with two people jogging in front of it (Right).
Rangers House in "Bridgerton" (left) and in reality (right).Netflix, Carl Court/Getty Images

Exterior shots of the Bridgerton family's London residence, set within Grosvenor Square in Mayfair in both seasons one and two, were actually filmed at a property in Greenwich, London, called Ranger's House, according to English Heritag, a charity that manages historic buildings and places.

The real location is slightly further from the city center, and the home itself is actually 300 years old.

While "Bridgerton" fans may be slightly disappointed to see the house isn't actually covered in purple wisteria flowers, they might be happy to hear that Ranger's House is open to the public and features an art collection consisting of medieval jewelry, Italian ceramics, Renaissance paintings, and more.

Lady Danbury's London estate, used to welcome the Sharma ladies in season two, is actually a museum in Bath, England.

The yellow hued exterior of the Holburne Museum in Bath in "Bridgerton" and in real life with a manicured garden in front.
Lady Danbury's house in "Bridgerton" (left) and in reality (right).Netflix, Matt Cardy/Getty Images

In season two of "Bridgerton," viewers see much more of Lady Danbury's home as she assumes the role of sponsor for the Sharma ladies.

Filming of the outside of her home was set in London, but actually took place at the Holburne Museum in Bath, according to the museum's Instagram. The location is home to a collection of art, artifacts, and different exhibitions.

It's also available to hire for special events, like weddings, so anyone looking to tie the knot in Lady Danbury's home is more than welcome.

Similarly, the Featheringtons' honey-hued home in Grosvenor Square is actually a museum in Bath's historic Royal Crescent.

The royal crescent in Bath shown in "Bridgerton" with actors and horses out on the street (left) and in real life with cars and pedestrians on the street.
The Featherington's home in "Bridgerton" (left) and in reality (right).Netflix, GEOFF CADDICK/AFP via Getty Images

While the Featherington ladies' home is within walking distance from the Bridgertons' in London's Grosvenor Square in the show, shots of its exterior in both season one and season two were taken on the Royal Crescent in Bath.

The honey-hued street is lined with townhouses, many of which have since been converted into smaller apartments, but the principal shots of the Featherington home were taken at No. 1 Royal Crescent, according to tourism organization Visit Britain.

It's now a museum dedicated to recreating what a townhouse in Georgian England looked like, which anyone can visit.


The first-ever "Bridgerton" ball wasn't filmed in London, but rather at Stowe Park in Buckinghamshire.

Stowe Park during a night-time ball scene in "Bridgerton" (left) and in the day-time in reality (right).
Stowe Park in "Bridgerton" (left) and in reality (right).Netflix, Daniele De Lonte/Electa/ Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

"Bridgerton" kicks off its first season with an idyllic outdoor ball set in Vauxhall Gardens. It's here that Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke of Hastings begin their entanglement, fans of the show will recall.

While the scenes in the episode took place in London, exterior shots were shot at Stowe, a Georgian estate in Buckinghamshire consisting of a park and gardens, according to the National Trust. The public can also visit Stowe through ticketed entry.

When Simon Bassett and Daphne Bridgerton move to Clyvedon Castle, filming took place at Castle Howard in Yorkshire, England.

Caste Howard with actors and horses in front as shown in "Bridgerton" (left) and the exterior of the castle shot from afar in real life (right).
Castle Howard in "Bridgerton" (left) and in reality (right).Netflix, David Goddard/Getty Images

After Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke of Hastings tie the knot in season one, they relocate to Clyvedon Castle, his ancestral estate. Unfortunately for "Bridgerton" fans, that estate doesn't actually exist.

However, the exterior shots seen as the couple arrive were taken at the very real Castle Howard in Yorkshire, which is open to visitors, according to Visit England.

According to the official Castle Howard website, construction on the estate started in 1699 and took over 100 years to complete.

Most scenes depicting Queen Charlotte's Buckingham House gardens were actually filmed at Hampton Court Palace.

Actors in "Bridgerton" in costume in front of Hampton Court (left) and the castle exterior and gardens in reality (right).
Hampton Court in "Bridgerton" (left) and in reality (right).Netflix, MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP via Getty Images

Hampton Court Palace in East Molesey, Surrey, was used multiple times for various "Bridgerton" locations across all three seasons.

According to Netflix Tudum, the palace pops up during the second season in scenes depicting Queen Charlotte's garden at Buckingham House, Lady Danbury's gardens, and also where Eloise Bridgerton meets Theo Sharpe, outside Chancery Lane Printing Press.

Scenes depicting working-class areas of London were filmed at the Historic Chatham Dockyard in Kent.

An actor walking through Chatham Dockyard in "Bridgerton" (left) and the same dockyard shown from a birds-eye view in real life (right).
Chatham Dockyard in "Bridgerton" (left) and in reality (right).Netflix, English Heritage/Heritage Images/Getty Images

In season one, Lady Portia Featherington whisks Marina Thompson off to a poorer neighborhood in London to show her what could happen should she not marry before her secretive pregnancy becomes too obvious.

While the gray and grimy scenes were set in London, they were actually filmed at the Historic Chatham Dockyard in Kent, according to the dockyard's website.

Movies including "Les Miserables" and "Sherlock Holmes" also filmed scenes here, the website said.


If you're wondering where Anthony Bridgerton chased Kate Sharma down on horseback in season two, look no further than Windsor Great Park.

"Bridgerton" actors riding horses in Windsor Great Park (right) and people jogging in the park recreationally (left).
Windsor Great Park in "Bridgerton" (left) and in reality (right).Netflix, Jonathan Brady/PA Images via Getty Images

The most dramatic and possibly the most romantic moments between Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma occur when the pair rides horses across what's supposed to be Battersea Fields and Hyde Park's Rotten Row in London, according to Visit England.

However, filming for these scenes, as well as those in later episodes when the pair is searching for the Pall Mall ball in the woods outside Aubrey Hall, actually took place at Windsor Great Park in Buckinghamshire, the website added.

Featuring various walking and running trails, the park is also home to several "Royal residences, formal gardens, and trees that have stood for over 1,000 years," according to its website.

The dreamy first ball of season two, where the Sharma sisters formally meet the Bridgertons, was filmed at Syon Park's Great Conservatory.

Actors entering Syon Park Great Conservatory at dusk in "Bridgerton" (left) and the same conservatory shown in daylight (right).
Syon Park Great Conservatory in "Bridgerton" (left) and in reality (right).Netflix, paulafrench/Getty Images

The firelit first ball of "Bridgerton" season two, held by Lady Danbury, was actually filmed at the Great Conservatory in Syon Park, Brentford. The location is nearly an hour's drive outside central London, where events in these scenes supposedly take place.

According to Syon Park's website, the estate is the "last surviving ducal residence complete with its country estate in Greater London" and is open to the public for visits.

What's more, the pretty glasshouse has roots dating back to the 19th century — exactly the period when the Regency-era Netflix show is set.


Scenes from the Royal Ascot in season two were filmed at a polo club in Berkshire that is beloved by royals.

A horse and tents at a polo club in "Bridgerton" (left) and a horse and rider at the same club in reality (right).
Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club in "Bridgerton" (left) and in reality (right).Netflix, Steve Parsons/PA Images via Getty Images

Though episode two of the second season of "Bridgerton" is set at the Royal Ascot racetrack in Ascot, filming for the scenes actually took place at the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club in Windsor, according to Netflix news site Tudum.

In real life, this British racetrack has actually welcomed several royal guests over the years, including Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The Old Royal Naval College was used to depict London's busy streets, where Lady Whistledown's scandal sheets are distributed.

Actors walking in a courtyard in "Bridgerton" (left) and an exterior shot of The Old Royal Naval College in reality (right).
The Old Royal Naval College in "Bridgerton" (left), and in reality (right).Netflix, James Brittain/View Pictures/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

In season two, high society members in "Bridgerton" are seen strolling throughout London anxiously anticipating Lady Whistledown's latest scandal sheet. These scenes were actually filmed at the Old Royal Naval College.

According to Visit England, the location is slightly further afield than central London. It is in Greenwich and was also used in the filming of "The Crown" and "Thor: The Dark World."

The estate, which is open to the public, is over 500 years old. One of its famous features is The Painted Hall, known as Britain's Sistine Chapel, according to the Old Royal Naval College website.

In "Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story," King George gifts Charlotte Buckingham House on their wedding night. But the exterior shots were filmed at a different palace.

An exterior night-time shot of Blenheim Palace in the "Bridgerton" Queen Charlotte spinoff and the same palace with the gardens on view in reality (right).
Blenheim Palace in "Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story" (left) and in reality (right).Netflix, brandstaetter images/Getty Images

In the spinoff series "Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story," scenes depicting the real-life Queen Charlotte and King George's residence, Buckingham House, were shot at Blenheim Palace, the only non-royal palace in the UK.

Built in the early 18th century, Blenheim Palace was actually a gift from Queen Anne to Sir John Churchill, a relative of Sir Winston Churchill, former British prime minister. Sir John was a soldier renowned for his military prowess and played a key role in the defeat of France in 1704. For that, he was made the first Duke of Marlborough, and his descendants still call the palace home.

The palace was again used to film several scenes in episode three of season three of "Bridgerton."

In episode 2 of season 3, the ton gathers for the Full Moon Ball. The outside shots were filmed at Osterly Park and House in west London.

The entrance of Osterly Park and House in "Bridgerton" (left) and an angled shot of the same residence from the side showcasing its front gardens (right).
Osterly Park and House in "Bridgerton (left) and in reality (right).Netflix, Jonathan McManus/Getty Images

The Full Moon Ball sees Penelope Featherington attempt to put Colin Bridgerton's husband-attracting lessons into practice. Elsewhere, Francesca Bridgerton makes a lasting impression on Queen Charlotte while playing the piano solo, thanks to Lady Danbury's social maneuvering.

Filming of the exterior shots of the ball's location took place at Osterly Park and House, a historic Georgian manor in Isleworth, not too far from central London.

Built during Tudor times and renovated in the 18th century, the once-privately-owned estate is now run by the UK's National Trust and is open to the public on select days and times.

According to the National Trust, Osterly has also been used as a film set for several other TV shows and movies, including "The Crown" and "The Dark Knight Rises."

The garden party where a hot-air balloon display nearly goes terribly wrong in episode 3 of season 3 was filmed at Painshill Park.

A wide shot of Painshill Park with tents and actors in "Bridgerton" (left) and the same area of the park without any of the cast or set (right).
Painshill Park in "Bridgerton" (left) and in reality (right).Netflix, John Walton/PA Images via Getty Images

In the episode, Colin Bridgerton plays the hero and stops a hot-air balloon gondola from hitting Penelope Featherington. As most of the ton is in attendance, it's likely the scenes were meant to appear as if they took place in London.

However, the lakefront garden party was actually shot at Painshill Park, a manicured 18th-century garden in Surrey — over an hour's drive away from London. The garden was designed to look like a painting come to life, according to the Painshill Park website.

Other interesting features visitors can see in the park include a Cyrstal Grotto, a rocky cave with stalactites covered in actual crystals, and the ivory-white Gothic temple. Eagle-eyed viewers can spot it in the opening shots of the hot air balloon garden party scenes

In episode 3 of season 3, Francesca Bridgerton meets John Stirling at the Innovations Ball, which was shot at Grimsthorpe Castle in Lincolnshire, England.

A night-time shot of Grimsthorpe Castle in "Bridgerton" illuminated by fire-lit lamps (left) and the same house shot at a closer angle in the daytime (right).
Grimsthorpe Castle in "Bridgerton" (left) and in reality (right).Netflix, stocknshares/Getty Images

The innovations ball is hosted by "Bridgerton" newcomer Lord Hawkins, the kooky inventor of the hot-air balloon from the garden party shown earlier in the same episode.

At the ball, Francesca Bridgerton, the latest Bridgerton sibling to be a debutante, is acquainted with John Stirling. Penelope Featherington also interacts closely and dances with Lord Debling, seemingly triggering Colin Bridgerton.

In real life, Hawkins' home is Grimsthorpe Castle, a quintessential British estate in Lincolnshire, England, surrounded by gardens and on the edge of a forest. According to the castle's website, the estate has been home to the Willoughby de Eresby family since it was given to their ancestor by King Henry VIII 500 years ago.

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