Phillip Schofield says he has nothing to apologise for over queue-gate

Phillip Schofield has said he has nothing to apologise for with regards to the queue-gate controversy. The This Morning host came under fired with co-star Holly Willoughby over accusations they "jumped the queue" at the late Queen's lying in state at London's Westminster Hall in September. Schofield, 61, has now told GB News: "Why would I apologise? You’ve already seen that 700 other journalists did exactly the same thing."

Video transcript

- But following these bombshell updates of one of the most infamous stories of the year, my senior producer, Ben Leo, caught up with Phillip Schofield today to ask if he felt it was time to apologize or if he now felt vindicated. Here's what happened when Schofe broke his silence for the very first time.

BEN LEO: Hi, Schofe.


BEN LEO: Sorry to bother you. Ben from GB News.

PHILIP SCHOFIELD: Have you really got nothing better to do with your time?

BEN LEO: Do you feel vindicated?

PHILIP SCHOFIELD: I think that it was a shame that what happened happened.

BEN LEO: And sir, a lot of people are saying that you were unfairly targeted. Is that something you'd agree with?

PHILIP SCHOFIELD: I think we were.

BEN LEO: I-- I guess-- I guess the problem was that you were never accredited or--


BEN LEO: Well, your-- your-- your names were down under your editors name. Is that right?

PHILIP SCHOFIELD: Because we didn't want to give our email addresses away.

BEN LEO: Do you want to apologize, because you've never actually owned-- owned the situation or apologized for it?

PHILIP SCHOFIELD: Why apologize?

BEN LEO: Well, because--

PHILIP SCHOFIELD: You've already seen that 700 other journalists did exactly the same thing.

BEN LEO: But they were all credited and-- and also you never filmed anything. Nothing was ever broadcast.

PHILIP SCHOFIELD: We weren't allowed us to film inside.

BEN LEO: Because one of your colleagues, an insider of the show, has told us that there was never a plan to film anything to start with.

PHILIP SCHOFIELD: You're a bit late on the story, mate.

BEN LEO: Well, this is-- this is a new update.