Upset over Primark selling denim hot pants for babies

A woman has called out Primark for selling denim hotpants for babies [Photo: SWNS]
A woman has called out Primark for selling denim hotpants for babies [Photo: SWNS]

Parents aren’t happy that Primark is selling a pair of denim hot pants for babies aged 0-3 months.

A 23-year-old shopper, who asked not to be named, claims the shorts serve only to “sexualise” babies and should be taken off sale immediately.

“I just think they are sick,” she told the Bristol Post. “I just stopped when I saw them and though these cannot be serious – these tiny hotpants are purposely sexualising babies and that is disgusting.

“There is so much in the news right now about children and young girls being sexually abused and items like this and the sexualisation of babies is making it worse. Children are innocent and they should be kept that way.”

Do you find these shorts offensive? [Photo: SWNS]
Do you find these shorts offensive? [Photo: SWNS]

After sharing a picture of the shorts on social media, the unnamed woman claims her friends and family were quick to agree that they weren’t appropriate for babies after she shared a picture of the garment on social media.

She also claims to have noticed other shoppers feeling uneasy about the shorts.

“I was so horrified I took a picture on my phone to send on Snapchat and I saw another lady looking at the hotpants and I could tell she was disgusted too,” the shopper revealed.

But opinions on the shorts seem to have divided Twitter, with some saying hotpants for babies is a ridiculous idea and others not seeing a problem with the item at all.

“Omg that’s so wrong on so many levels,” one user wrote.

Others suggested it wasn’t a question of being appropriate, more whether the shorts were practical.

“It’s not so much whether it’s offensive or not, more how practical they are, probably wouldn’t cover the nappy so look daft!”

In response to the backlash, Primark explained to Metro that there was an error with this specific set of shorts, saying: “This assertion is simply untrue. As clearly indicated on the label, the item is a pair of babies’ shorts, designed to be age appropriate and comfortable for use with nappies. It has, however, come to our attention that an error in a recent batch of the shorts has caused the turn-up to be rolled twice instead of once. We have removed this batch from sale so that they can be adjusted to the correct specification. We are committed to age-appropriate clothing, and all our childrenswear is designed fully in line with British Retail Consortium guidelines.”

The shorts are available for babies as young as 0-3 months [Photo: SWNS]
The shorts are available for babies as young as 0-3 months [Photo: SWNS]

It’s not the first time the retail store has been accused of selling children’s clothes that aren’t age appropriate. Last year parents hit out at the high street chain for selling padded bras aimed at children as young as seven.

And supermarket chain Morrisons were caught up in a sexism row last summer after parents complained about their children’s slogan T-shirts suggesting boys had “big ideas” while girls had “big smiles.”

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