Dad claims women don’t need epidurals when giving birth, the Internet responds accordingly

A dad has weighed in on the thorny topic of giving birth [Photo: Getty]
A dad has weighed in on the thorny topic of giving birth [Photo: Getty]

A dad who weighed in on the subject of giving birth, telling women that epidurals are unnecessary has felt the full wrath of the Internet.

As any woman who has ever given birth will testify, there is no right or wrong way to bring your baby into the world.

Drug-free, home births, free births, elective caesareans – every woman has the right to deliver their newborn in the way they think is best for both them and their baby.

But that doesn’t stop strangers from wading in with their judgey comments about their birth method of choice.

Earlier this week, an anonymous dad decided to throw in his opinion on the matter of epidurals.

Having witnessed his wife give birth to two children without an epidural, the dad felt he had the authority to comment on ALL pregnant women.

“Women don’t NEED them at all. Never have. Since we only started using them in modern medicine,” the father wrote.

“But hey, what do I know,” he added.

“I’m just a dude who held her hand through it twice.”

Though his identity was protected, the comment was shared by writer Nicola Cliffe, and as you can imagine it didn’t go down well with social media.

“That guy can bite me,” one woman wrote. “I hated my 1st epidural and refused them for the two other kids, and guess what? ANYONE should have an epidural if they want one.”

“I had all five without an epidural. My choice. Every woman should be able to have the care and options and choices. And this guy never gets an opinion,” another added.

“I had a 38 hour labour and the epidural for the last 6 absolutely saved my sanity and ability to bond with my baby,” another user shared. “But what do I know, I’m only a woman who had a 38 hour labour.”

Some women shared stories of their own births explaining that they could have had a very different outcome if epidurals and c-sections weren’t available.

“My baby was transverse and wouldn’t couldn’t turn. In the olden days we would probably both have died. Thank god for c-sections.”

Despite the majority of comments going against the opinion of the unnamed man, some users did see that he had a point.

“let’s say a woman said this… then what? I mean, what the heck did women do before epidural? THEY ENDURED IT. SO, respectively speaking WOMEN DO NOT NEED ONE. for normal child birth i am a mother of 4 and not once did I use an epidural,” one woman wrote.

“I don’t get what the problem is, this guy is so right. I gave birth at home, alone, by candle light in my home that has no running water because that’s how they did it in the old days and modern technology is for schmucks,” another woman agreed.

Epidural or drug-free? Natural or C-section? Hospital or home? Giving birth is hugely tricky no matter how you choose, or have to do it. And we really shouldn’t judge the methods and decisions women make.

Hopefully facing the wrath of the Internet has helped this dad learn his lesson.

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