People are sharing photos of the ugliest things they own - can you beat these gems?

Disguting smell concept. Shocked young man looking at something unpleasant and bad, isolated on gray background. Negative emotion concept
Everyone's got something ugly in their house that they can't bear to throw away (Photo: Getty)

Remember that fridge magnet gifted to you by a friend from holiday? That exotic shell necklace that doesn't look right at all in grey and miserable Blighty? Or that ornament made by your son or daughter in year three?

These things were all made with the best intention. But we regret to inform you that they are also all ugly.

You may already know this. Behind closed doors sometimes we admit to each other how ugly these items are, and we question why we keep them, but it's rare to share these thoughts out loud.

Until now. Meet Twitter user @Brainmage, who recently set his followers a task. He said: "Right, Twitter. Please reply/quote this with a picture of the UGLIEST THING THAT YOU OWN.

"Something so vile and awful that you can't get rid of it, because you know you'll never own anything as ghastly ever again."

The floodgates opened. Never have so many people shared so much beautiful trash on one Twitter thread. Scroll down for some of the absolute worst picks from the ugliest bunch of household goods we've ever seen.

You're welcome.

We wouldn't advise stroking this terribly evil shell cat

You definitely shouldn't look directly into the eyes of this porcelain dog. Or is it a rabbit?

And we severely hope you don't come across this on the wildlife safari of your dreams.

We're all for modern art but is this a modern catastrophe?

Either way, it's nowhere near as scary as this screaming/singing monkey musician

But enough of animals, how do we all feel about this family painting?

While we're on the topic of sinister...

Okay, this is all too much. Where's the door? Get us outta here!

Have you got an ugly item in your house you can’t bear to throw away? Tell us about it in the comments below.