Adult Children Are Sharing The Best Catchphrases Their Moms Served Growing Up, And They Range From Randomly Hilarious To Interestingly Wise

Adult Children Are Sharing The Best Catchphrases Their Moms Served Growing Up, And They Range From Randomly Hilarious To Interestingly Wise

Many moms are known for having their ~signature~ look, dish, and one-liners. So, when I recently came across a few Reddit threads where people asked: "What's your mom's catchphrase?" I couldn't help but share. Here are the best ones from this thread, this one, and this one:

1."Every time we went on vacation and us kids started complaining, she would yell, 'We are making MEMORIES!'"


2."English is my mom's second language, so instead of saying, 'It's my way or the highway,' my mom says, 'My way is the highway.'"

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3."'Let me show you a trick I learned in the Army...' My mom was never in the Army!"


4."My mom's was: People do what makes sense to them.'"


5."When leaving somewhere, she always said, 'We're off like a herd of turtles'"


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6."At the grocery store and looking at prices: 'What? Do they put gold in it?'"


7."My mom: 'Are you drinking enough water?' Got a headache? Drink more water. Upset stomach? Drink water. Bad grades? You need more water. Bone protruding from your knee? Drink some water; you'll be fine."


8."I'm not sleeping I'm just resting my eyes"


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9."When my mom gets lost driving: 'The world's round, we'll get there eventually.'"


10."My mom’s always been an avid gardener and whenever I felt down growing up, she’d always say, 'Water the flowers, not the weeds.'"


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11."Listen to me now and believe me later."


12.“My mom always said, 'He/she/they/you’ll get over it. I know I will.' Steal someone’s parking space? 'He’ll get over it. I know I will.' I’m mad right now because she’s making me plant all these plants that I KNOW SHE WILL KILL IN A WEEK. 'You’ll get over it. I know I will.' Cracks me up every time. She stole it from her dad, and now I’m stealing it from her."


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13."Mom: 'Wake up, kids, it's 7:55!' Narrator:... It was actually 7:20."


14."'Go now or forever rest in pee' before any long car trip."


15."My mom's is: 'Let's blow this popsicle stand' when wanting to leave somewhere."


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16."Whenever my sister or I would complain about doing chores, she said: 'What do you think you are, just a souvenir of a good time?' It took me YEARS to figure that one out."


17."Me: *does something stupid. *My mom: 'Common sense, not common in everyone.'"


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18."When she gets startled she'll say, 'Heavens to Murgatroyd!' which we've come to understand was stolen from a Yogi Bear character."


19."Anytime we asked what was for dinner, her response was, 'Shit with sugar on top.'"


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20."'Know what I mean, Jellybean?' My boyfriend says if you asked his mom what's for dinner, a common response would be: 'Fried farts and pickled assholes.'"


21."'Wait! This bit's poisoned!' Said every time she walked past me while I was eating something, then promptly followed by grabbing the 'poisoned' bit of whatever I was eating and eating it herself."


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22."She runs through each of the kids' names before getting to the one she wants to call... 'Ti-Jaa- Sarah!'"


23."'If it was a snake it would've bit you!' Anytime I was looking for something in plain sight."


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24."We've got food at home"


25.“'I have to love you. I don’t have to like you.''


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26."My mom said, 'Are your ears painted on!?' any time I wasn't listening."


27."'Bite your own butt.' She had a few glasses of wine one evening and was snapping back at my brother about something. She had meant to say either 'bite me' or 'kiss my butt' but it came out as a slurred: 'Bite... your own butt.' We teased her mercilessly, and it is now her signature catchphrase! I love her."


Does your mom have a really great catchphrase? Let us know in the comments!