People are sharing hilarious pictures of boyfriends performing photo-taking duties

Behind every Instagrammable woman… [Photo: Pexels]
Behind every Instagrammable woman… [Photo: Pexels]

The perfect Instagram photo requires time and dedication, but not necessarily from the person who stars in it.

Yes, both bloggers and your friends on Instagram may look like they’re windswept and alone on whatever tropical beach or cliff face it is they’ve visited recently, but don’t forget – there’s someone behind that camera.

And often it’s a boyfriend.

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Look around any Instagrammable tourist spot and you’re guaranteed to see a boyfriend bending over backwards to get their girlfriend in the centre of a perfect photo.

Or several boyfriends doing it for their girlfriends at once.

Perhaps the girlfriend is looking into the distance pensively, or looking shyly at her feet.

Perhaps she has her arms in the air with her back to the camera, or is looking over one shoulder at something just out of shot.

Either way, there’s often no suggestion that there’s anyone behind that camera.

The phenomenon has become a bit of an internet sensation as people are uploading visual proof of these men’s hard work onto dedicated Facebook pages or using the tag #boyfriendsofinstagram.

Instagram’s @boyfriends_of_insta has more than 150,000 followers, while the Boyfriends of Instagram Facebook page has more than 50,000 likes.

Long may their hard work continue.

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