We Now Live In A World Where People Name Their Kids After Pokemon Go Characters


Pokemon Go is taking over the world. So much so that people are naming their babies after the characters [Photo: Rex Features]

Scooch over Star Wars, there’s a new pop culture trend on the baby name block. Just when you think the world might have reached peak Pokemon, parents go and start naming their babies after characters from the monster-chasing app. Yes, really!

According to a press release from BabyCenter parents are turning to Pokemon go for newborn namespo. Forget Anakin and Khalesi, the pregnancy and parenting site has noticed a sudden spike in parents saddling their offspring with Pokemon Go-related names.

The data reveals that the name Roselia has risen 5,859 spots over the past year. While Onyx is up 2,184 spots and Eevee jumped up 1,377 spots.


Welcome to the world baby Onyx [Photo: Rex Features]

The report also notes that Pokemon characters like Starmie, Ivysaur and Shayman could also be having an influence on baby monikers. The shortened Star has risen 2,040 spots for girls, Ivy is up 1,287 spots for boys and Shay jumped up 369 spots for girls and 64 for boys since last year. Meanwhile Ash (the main character in Pokemon) has risen 248 spots as a boy’s name.

“Parents are always looking to pop culture for baby name inspiration and, right now, it doesn’t get hotter than Pokémon Go,” explained Linda Murray, BabyCenter Global Editor in Chief. “It’s possible that parents’ enthusiasm for the game will reignite their love for the brand and spark a full-fledged naming trend.”


50% of BabyCenter mums play Pokemon Go [Photo: Rex Features]

Sound far-fetched? Well, according to a recent BabyCenter poll, almost 50 percent of mums registered to the site play Pokemon Go, meaning there’s a very real chance teachers could soon be calling out the names Squirtle and Jigglypuff on their morning register!

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