People are boycotting Pepsi over the Kendall Jenner protest ad

<i>Pepsi’s new ad sees Kendall Jenner trivialising police brutality [Photo: Pepsi]</i>
Pepsi’s new ad sees Kendall Jenner trivialising police brutality [Photo: Pepsi]

Pepsi’s latest advert starring Kendall Jenner has sparked all kinds of backlash.

The short film, entitled Live For Now Moments, sees the model ending police brutality with a simple Pepsi Max can.

Criticisms erupted across social media with users branding the advert as “disgusting” for its use of a white person as a peacemaker between civil rights activists and riot police.

“I can’t believe Kendall Jenner ended police brutality and white supremacy with a can of Pepsi – not bad for a girl with no talent,” tweeted one user.

The ad is also said to have undermined the Black Lives Matter movement by recreating protester Leshia Evans’ stance at a Louisiana riot in 2016.

Calls to boycott Pepsi are also on the rise. Strangely, most are being led by Trump supporters who believe the advert and its inclusive message is an anti-Trump move.

A lot, however, are simply fed up with brands trying to trivialise social issues and using mainly white celebrities in the process.

People are also listing every company owned by the Pepsi corporation (which adds up to quite a lot in case you’re wondering) with a lot of people adding that a Pepsi boycott is almost impossible considering the company’s wide reach.

Will you join the movement and boycott Pepsi?

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