People aren't happy about this 'sexist' advert for a mobile spa service

This advert has been accused of being sexist [Photo: Twitter/@edvigeb]
This advert has been accused of being sexist [Photo: Twitter/@edvigeb]

What’s the date today? It is March 15th 2017, right? Just checking, as for a moment we thought we’d woken up in 1957.

The cause of our confusion is an advert for a mobile spa service currently being flouted around the London underground.

“Out with the guys ’til 4am again?! Keep her sweet with a spa mani/pedi at home,” reads USPAAH‘s advert, which has been spotted at Tube stations across the capital.

Er, sexist much?

And it seems we’re not the only ones to think the advert is a little insulting to women as social media is currently awash with disgruntled commuters. Most seem to be objecting to the implication that women can be easily appeased by a spa treatment, while others accused the advert of being tantamount to everyday sexism.

“1950 just called and wants its advert back!,” one man tweeted about the advert.

“Oh. It’s the fictional 1950s where women are placated by strangers coming into their home with nail polish,” one woman wrote.

“How’s this ad campaign going @USPAAH? Is the 1950’s misogyny helping to keep all those crazy females sweet?” another user tweeted.

But the backlash hasn’t seemed to bothered USPAAH’s social media bod(s) who have been responding to criticism with some pretty quick witted retorts.

“How very dare one partner in a relationship buy the other gift to say sorry?! Get us to the protest right now!” they wrote in response to a user who accused them of misogyny and said adverts like theirs was the reason women had to protest.

And not everyone found the adverts offensive.

“I must be the only anti feminist female around. The @USPAAH advert on the underground @TfL is not offensive in the slightest. It’s funny,” one woman wrote.

“Massive storm in a teacup. It’s amusing. Any woman would be pleased to receive this gift for whatever reason,” added another.

Following the controversy TFL has announced it will review the adverts. TfL will work with its advertising partners to decide whether further action should be taken and if the ad breaks any rules.

The Advertising Standards Authority said it was also considering whether to launch an investigation after receiving a handful of complaints about the advert.

But USPAAH is standing by the campaign.

“We are aware that our cheeky campaign which launched last week has caused a bit of a stir on Twitter amongst commuters,” a spokesperson for USPAAH explained.

“Rest assured, as a company run entirely by women, working with almost a female only team of beauticians and therapists and serving a predominantly female clientele, we very much understand the needs of modern women,” they continued.

The spokesperson stated that the campaign draws on “funny anecdotal experiences” of their own lives as “strong independent business leaders, wives, partners and girlfriends”.

“For all the negativity we’ve also received tonnes of positive and supportive messages from many people on how difficult it is to not offend someone in 2017.”

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