People are body-shaming Jason Momoa's 'dad bod' and the Internet isn't having it

Jason Momoa has been body-shamed on social media [Photo: Getty]

Fans have rushed to the defence of Jason Momoa after the ‘Aquaman’ star was body-shamed on social media.

ICYMI the 39-year-old Hollywood star was pictured shirtless while minding his own business on holiday in Italy with wife Lisa Bonet.

Naturally, strangers on the Internet had some opinions about the actor’s appearance that they felt the need to voice with one asking: "what happened to the abs?" and another claiming the star had a "dad bod."

Don’t you just love social media sometimes?

Luckily, Jason’s fans weren’t going to take the dissing lying down, with many taking to Twitter to call out the shamers.

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The whole row seems to have thrown a light on the fact that the whole body-shaming thing isn’t exclusive to women.

Women, particularly those in the public eye, have long felt the pressure to keep up with, often unattainable, standards of beauty.

But just like it’s not okay to fat-shame, skinny-shame or anything-shame female celebrities, it’s totally not cool for keyboard warriors to post nasty comments about men either, even if those men do happen to be known for their signature abs.

Not that we have to defend Jason’s holiday bod, but we feel it is only fair to point out that much as we like to think of him that way, Jason Momoa isn’t actually Aquaman, he’s just a normal human with a normal body.

As an actor, he’ll likely have had to go through a rigorous training regime to sculpt his physique to superhero standard.

But maintaining that fitness and healthy programme when the camera’s stop rolling is likely exhausting and probably unrealistic, not to mention totally not fun while you’re on holiday.

And surely everyone deserves some time-out, even Aquaman.

Besides, in our opinion he still looks pretty darned amazing!

So let’s all just stop with the body-shaming shall we? OK, thanks, as you were.