Paulina Porizkova calls out objectification of women with nude photoshoot: ‘Taking the power’

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Paulina Porizkova calls out objectification of women with nude photoshoot: ‘Taking the power’

Paulina Porizkova has spoken out against female objectification by posting a nude photoshoot in celebration of her body.

The Swedish model, 57, took to Instagram on Friday to discuss the difference between “objectification” and “celebration” when it comes to women’s bodies. Alongside a lengthy caption, Porizkova showed off her figure as she sat on the edge of a bed and held a white sheet up to her torso.

“A little weekend food for thought…” she began her message. “In a patriarchal society, women have always been seen as objects of desire or nurture. Because these are the needs of men who run the world. This is why youth and beauty are such a strong currency.”

“What happens when a woman decides to objectify herself?” she asked.

The model went on to call out the hypocrisy that many women feel when they decide to post their own revealing photos, because she is “taking the powers she has been given and using them in her own interest”. But in doing so, women are simultaneously perpetuating “a system which has always existed” and will be both shamed and celebrated by the public.

“Under these same rules, a man seizing his power is celebrated,” Porizkova noted, before reflecting on her own experiences as a model in the 1980s.

“When I was a young model exposing my body, it was because someone else approved of it. Someone else decided it was to be celebrated. I didn’t know enough to have an understanding of consequences,” Porizkova said, adding that this definition must fall under “objectification” of the female body.

“Now, when I expose my body, it is with my full knowledge and consent. Hence, celebration,” she concluded.

The model’s thoughtful post received praise from her followers in the comments section.

“So well said, let’s keep celebrating and owning our bodies and our choices,” one person wrote.

“Love it! I’m in control of my body now and if I want to show it and feel proud of it more power to me!” another user said.

“Celebrated and shamed, that’s the truth,” a third person commented. “But we decide to whom, which noise we are listening to”.

Paulina Porizkova has often spoken out against ageism in the modeling industry. Earlier this month, the supermodel called out a plastic surgeon who she claims said that her face needs fixing. Although the surgeon deleted the Instagram post where they pointed out everything that was “wrong” about her face, Porizkova still re-posted some of their comments to her own page.

“I found this photo, which I have posted here before, (and thought I looked great in) reposted here on IG by a cosmetic surgeon, and discussing in detail what I needed done,” she captioned her Instagram post. “Those pesky hollows under my cheeks could be gotten rid of with fillers, Botox for my forehead, those wrinkles on the side of my mouth, and the chords in my neck, and a whole bunch of lasers to tighten and smooth and tighten everything.”

“This is what an older woman in the public eye gets to deal with,” Porizkova wrote. “I’m told my face needs ‘fixing’. It has somehow gone ‘wrong’ by aging. Is it any wonder that most of us who have the means will resort to some forms of fixing what we’re told is broken?”

The model went on to say that no one has the right to tell a woman what work she “needs to do herself in order to be seen as attractive”.

“Every time you catch yourself thinking or saying ‘you know, you should…’ to a friend, stop for a moment. If she doesn’t ask for help, are you really helping?” Porizkova added. “Find what you think is beautiful in your friends and point it out. The best way to support one another is to celebrate what is already there.”