Weather maps show exact date four-day 32C scorcher will reach UK next week

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To the delight of sun worshipers, temperatures are expected to soar back to summery heights next week with a sizzling 30C plus on the cards, according to weather maps indicating where's going to feel the heat.

It's not been the summer dreams are made of so far this year, with many Brits starting their day with unpleasant rain and a chill in the air. The upcoming days promise more of the same for those up north and west, featuring lots of wet and windy moments.

But don't despair, as a major switch-up in weather is just around the corner. Things intensify next week when we'll see the mercury skyrocket beyond 30C, peaking potentially at 32C.

The transformation commences Tuesday, July 9, with temps comfortably in the mid 20's, forecasts show.

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caption: UK weather maps show exact date four day 32C scorcher set to roast Brits next week -Credit:WXCHARTS

As per WXCharts' predictions, Wednesday keeps the status quo, particularly in the south. By Thursday, things get hotter still, finally giving summer a serious comeback, reports the Mirror.

As the working week draws to a close on Friday, millions across the country can expect to bask in balmy conditions courtesy of a countrywide heat blast. However, despite the incoming radiant rays, the Met Office asserts that this phenomenon will merely bring figures up to seasonal norms.

Providing his insight, Met Office forecaster Alex Burkill explained: "So far this summer it has been a little disappointing perhaps and if you are hoping for something a little warmer we do have some good news coming up, if you are hoping for something more settled that may not be the case."

"Currently we have an active jet steam running across the UK in fact it is running at 185mph which is pretty strong, especially for the time of year. That is going to be driving various weather systems as we go through the rest of the week and with that we do have some cooler air around which is why temperatures are several degrees below average for the time of year."

He suggested that next week is likely to become "quite a bit warmer" due to a potential Scandinavian high. However, he clarified: "When I say temperatures are rising they are only really rising to around average for the time of year nonetheless temperatures in July are fairly high so it is going to feel warm and even hot at times in the sunshine."

The Met Office has warned that this weekend could see more rain throughout the UK. The statement read: "The weather will remain unsettled and rather cool across the weekend, although there is some sunshine on offer and when in it, temperatures will feel rather pleasant."