Parents rack up 49 hours a month as their child’s taxi service

Kim Hookem-Smith
Yahoo Lifestyle

One in three parents spends between 10 and 49 hours every month ferrying each of their children to hobbies, activities and social commitments. A dedicated minority, 2% of the 6,000 parents, spends 50 or more hours a month as the kids’ cabbie. That’s 25 days a year, equalling the standard amount of annual leave for most UK workers.

“Mum and dads' taxi is still very much in operation,” agreed Mark Peacock from AA Driving School, which conducted the poll. He added that parents’ driving habits influence their children’s skills later on so they should aim to set a good example at all times. No pressure then!

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Spending the equivalent of a year’s holiday behind the wheel may seem a big sacrifice, but actually most parents welcome the opportunity to spend quality time with their busy kids. In another survey by Sainsbury’s Bank, 61% of 2,000 parents polled said the time wasn’t wasted and was a great opportunity to improve their relationship. A quarter added that it made for perfect bonding time.

As well as the free taxi service they receive, UK children’s activities and commitments are a pricey business. The AA Driving School poll found that nearly a fifth of parents spend £1,200 or more on each child’s extracurricular activities.

With ever more opportunities for children to try out new things, it’s no wonder the cost of raising a child has skyrocketed this year!