Papa Johns Just Brought Back Its Most Requested Pizza Ever

And it's bringing friends with it.

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We’re not sure what’s in the air this week, but some brands woke up and chose violence. First, Colonel Sanders and little pigtailed Wendy began an all-out battle over sauce-covered chicken nugget supremacy. And, now, Papa Johns has decided it wants to be the one to officially out pizza the hut.

After more than 500,000 fans begged, Papa Johns announced it’s bringing back its “most requested menu item” ever. This summer, after a four-year hiatus, the Cheesy Burger Pizza will be available once again.

Sure, you could thank the thousands of fans who took to Reddit and social media to ask for the pizza—which is topped with burger sauce, beef, tomato, dill pickles, and mozzarella cheese—to return. However, realistically, you should probably thank Pizza Hut.

Last month, Pizza Hut announced it was adding a Cheeseburger Melt to its menu. The calzone-like “cheeseburger” is made with Pizza Hut’s Thin N’ Crispy crust, bacon, onions, mozzarella, and Cheddar cheese, and is even served with burger sauce for dipping. The new Cheeseburger Melt can be upgraded to a meal with fries, too, to really compete with other fast food restaurants.

So, in response to Pizza Hut releasing a cheeseburger offering, Papa Johns has returned to the game with not one, but three.

<p>Papa Johns</p>

Papa Johns

“We’re so sorry they forgot the pizza,” reads Papa Johns’ website, “Other pizza brands out there are doing their best, but when the internet asks for a Cheesy Burger Pizza, Papa Johns delivers.”

In addition to the cult-favorite cheeseburger pizza, Papa Johns is bringing its summer flavors to more classic menu items. The pizza chain is also bringing back the Cheesy Burger Papadia, which is a flatbread-style sandwich filled with beef, pickles, tomatoes, cheese, and burger sauce. And, the pizza chain is also introducing new Bacon Cheesy Burger Papa Bites filled with bacon, beef, dill pickles, burger sauce, and cheese and served with burger sauce for dipping.

“The Cheesy Burger Pizza has been a favorite for over a decade and fans have passionately let us know they want it back through endless comments, tweets and phone calls begging for its return,” says Kimberly Bean, Vice President of Integrated Marketing and Menu Strategy. “While other chains are going up against the burger, we’re putting pizza first and staying true to our commitment by giving fans exactly what they want—pizza.”

The trio of menu items will launch for Papa Rewards members first on June 10. The first 500,000 orders will receive a large Cheesy Burger Pizza for just $10. If you aren’t a part of Papa Johns’ free rewards program, you can join now, or else wait until June 13, when the menu items launch nationwide for a limited time. If pizza chains fighting equates to more new menu items for us, let the pizza wars commence!

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