Paloma Faith says she sticks to 'unisex Play-Doh and gardening' for playtime with child whose gender she refuses to reveal

Lauren Clark
Paloma Faith has revealed she sticks to unisex 'Play-Doh and gardening' for her child's playtime [Image: Getty]

Paloma Faith has revealed that she keeps her child’s playtime unisex with Play-Doh and gardening.

The singer, 38, said that she wants her two-year-old - who she hasn’t publicly disclosed is a boy or girl, and refers to as “they” - to grow up in an environment where “gender’s not important”.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, about her first-born’s toys, she said: “Play-Doh. And gardening — watering the plants, sowing the vegetables and sunflowers.”

Paloma - whose partner, French-Algerian artist Leyman Lahcine, is the primary caregiver at their home in London’s Hackney - added that the tot currently wants to be a builder or a firefighter.

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The pop star, who said she would embrace them if they were transgender, said: “As long as they’re happy, but I wouldn’t want a porn star or a prostitute. Or a drug dealer.”

Her decision to keep the gender of her child - who lives a “normal” life and attends a state school - a secret was because she didn’t “want any information about [my child] out there.

“Because I don’t know who they’re going to become. If they want to be in the public eye when they get older, then that’s their choice.”

Of the importance placed on children’s gender, she added: “They become indoctrinated. I feel like gender’s not important. I think it’s to do with character.”

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Paloma - who describes herself as “naturally quite maternal” - also opened up about experiencing a difficult birth in 2016.

She underwent an emergency caesarean followed by a period of post-natal depression.

The mum-of-one recalled: “The only time I’ve been really unwell mentally was post-baby. [I felt] alone.

“Something was really wrong with me and no one guessed or saw it in me — people were just focused on the baby.”

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