Oscar de la Renta slams Michelle Obama's fashion

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Fashion designer Oscar de la Renta's has once again complained that Michelle Obama has wasted opportunities to promote US fashion.

The 81-year-old American said he was 'upset' that the FLOTUS opted for British brand Alexander McQueen to welcome the Chinese Prime Minister on an official visit to the US, calling it a 'wasted opportunity to promote an American industry'.

It's not the first time Oscar has taken a pop at the FLOTUS - criticising her for wearing a 'sweater' (it was more of a cardigan) to meet the Queen in 2012.

This time, in a two-hour-long interview with 92Y, Oscar conceded that he thinks Michelle is a great First Lady who could give the US fashion industry a major boost - if only she used her sartorial power.

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“Michelle Obama makes a terrific First Lady. Would I like to dress her? I would like to dress every woman. She is not an elected official. This is the only country where the first lady does play a very important public role. I see that fact as lost opportunities.

"For a first lady, it is a learning process. I was upset [that] when the Chinese prime minister came for an official visit, she [Michelle Obama] wore a dress from a foreign designer [Alexander McQueen].

"What a lost opportunity to promote an American industry. I am sure she didn’t do it on purpose. She was just not well-advised. She is a good-looking lady who could do tremendous help to make this very big industry grow more.”

Of his eponymous company's decision to take disgraced designer John Galliano on board, Oscar said: “I strongly feel, regardless of what he did, that everyone in life does deserve a second chance, and I am happy that I was able to give John a second chance.…It would be a shame if the industry was deprived of such a talent.”

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But if you're hoping for a more affordable line from the Oscar de la Renta brand, don't hold your breath. Unlike Victoria by Victoria Beckham and Marc by Marc Jacobs, Oscar hasn't so far been tempted by any offers to widen his clientele.

"I’m not about gimmicks. I’m about dressing a woman who can afford to buy my clothes.”