I Actually Think I Lost All Faith In Men After Learning Some Of The Things Women Have Accidentally Found In Men's Homes

Women of the BuzzFeed Community recently shared the wildest things they've found in a man's bedroom or apartment, and sheesh, men never fail to surprise me. Here is what some of women shared:

1."He had boxed action figures and cheap collectibles EVERYWHERE. He had an entire hallway from floor to ceiling with mass-made boxed collectibles. I felt so claustrophobic and uncomfortable with THOUSANDS of eyes staring at me. After 20 minutes and finding a 4-foot statue of a movie character in the bedroom, I made a dumb excuse and left his place. I never went back there."

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2."Finding questionably dirty or clean glasses and plates hidden in the closet, etc. We’re engaged now, and I told him that shit stops there. It did."

—Amanda, 34

3."I had a friend in college who had the most disgusting house. He lived with his parents, and they were nasty. However, he got a lot of women because of his looks. I went over for dinner once, and the grass in the yard was three feet high — first red flag. The porch had about 12 garbage bags torn up from the cats— second red flag. I walked in, and there was a paper towel on the floor. I picked it up, and there was vomit or dog shit. Not sure. It looked three weeks old. We went into his room while waiting for dinner, a bad idea. He had an aquarium full of dead fish! At dinner, we ate spaghetti. I was trying to be polite and ate as much as possible. I got down to the bottom of the plate, and it started tasting like peppermint. Alas, there was a peppermint candy stuck to the plate. I about died! I never went back there and ghosted him after that."

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4."I dated a guy with a cheap fake black leather couch. The 'leather' was literally coming off in little pieces. He shaved his head, and when he sat on the couch, he'd come away with little black flecks all over his head. He was also a mattress-on-the-floor guy at age 38. If I didn't wash his sheets for him they weren't getting clean. His tub was nasty and I had to scrub it before I would give his son a bath. I wasn't in that relationship very long."


5."I showered and noticed his dental floss sticking to the wall. I later learned that it’s a daily routine, and sometimes, he forgets to grab it."

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—Chris, 52

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6."I was 19 and had been dating a 27-year-old for a few months who always insisted we stay at my place. I didn’t think much of it then because I’d much rather be in the comfort of my home than someone else’s. When I finally convinced him to take me to his place, I discovered he lived on his friend’s property in a tiny camper with no running water or a/c. I had to pop a squat and pee/poop outside where the neighbors could see because he didn’t want to disturb his friend in the middle of the night."

"I found out that my boyfriend was only showering if he stayed at my place because his friend would only let him in his place to shower once a week. I should’ve considered this a red flag, but I didn’t and stayed with him for months after that. I didn’t leave him until I woke up once in the middle of the night, in the dead heat of summer, to a rat eating my Pop Tart. When I tried to wake him up and tell him, he told me I was imagining things. I grabbed my stuff, put the Pop Tart next to his bed so he’d see the rat bites, and left."

—Abby, 26

7."It was bad enough that his bed was just a mattress on the floor, but then to discover that he still had his childhood sheets, which were so worn out that they were see-through and had holes in them, was a huge red flag. We later broke up, but I bought him a full sheet and comforter set for Christmas that year."

—Tammy, 43

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8."So many sex toys. It was wild! It looked like an NC-17 museum. I had sex with him, and oddly, it was the most vanilla sex I’ve had in my life. Then he ghosted me, and tbh, good riddance."


9."He had piles of Victoria’s Secret catalogs — very, very worn ones. He wasn’t wearing anything from the catalogs, to say the least. They were piling up in plain sight, and he couldn’t even be bothered to hide them, throw them out, or recycle them. Ladies, if a guy can’t even be bothered to be eco-friendly with his 'habit,' get out of there. The room was, unsurprisingly, a mess. Nope."


10."He had stuff EVERYWHERE from filthy laundry to multiple hairbrushes loaded with hair to food laying out. His white bedsheets also had mysterious stains on them. To top it off, he had a mirror on the ceiling. I left very quickly."


11."In college, I dated a guy who seemed normal until I went to his apartment. I walked into his room, and there were pictures of himself pasted ALL OVER the walls. I mean everywhere, and even some where other people had been cut out. No, thank you."

—Jamie, 34

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12."He is a super nice guy. He would give his shirt off his back for you and love you with all he has. When I walked into his shared home with his brother, I could not believe the trash, recycling, and laundry thrown about the kitchen, stairs, and bedroom. The lights were off in his room, and when his computer turned on, the horror of clothes everywhere, trash, and his sheets from the '70s. The guy is in his mid-thirties and wears the same seven outfits, so I was shocked to see the number of clothes everywhere. He couldn’t take a hint to clean up for my next visit. I gave him a few more chances, but he couldn’t get past the filth and had no desire to improve himself."

—AA, 30

13."A guy invited me to his place to watch a movie. He didn't have a bed or couch, just a mattress on the floor. We sat on the carpeted floor to watch the film. As soon as I sat down, I realized the carpet was crusty. As in, stiff, and bits of something were flaking off on touch. I'm fairly certain it wasn't a cleaning product because his room was more on the messy side, and the air was stuffy. I made an excuse to leave. Not interested in sitting on mystery crust for two hours."


14."I went on a date years ago with a guy who seemed super nice and a bit shy. He was on the short side but had a very handsome face. He had some health problems in the past, and he had overcome them. The dinner was pleasant. The conversation was easy. He seemed like the least threatening person. I went to his house for a drink because everything seemed on the up and up and normal. He was showing me his place, and it was nice enough. He was doing some remodeling and fixing things up. And he told me that he was hoping to buy a boat soon. He wanted to show me the brochures. He seemed innocent enough, and they were in his bedroom."

"Honestly, the conversation was innocent enough, and the boats looked cool. But he had a VHS camera on a tripod at the foot of the bed, and the bedroom walls and ceiling were covered in mirrors. The bed had a shiny satin bedspread. He was legit nerding over the boat features and wanted to show it off. He made no moves on me at all. He was a total gentleman and acted like the decor and camera were no big deal. I finished my drink and thanked him for a lovely evening. Without looking like I was panicking, I got out of there and never returned his calls!"

—Amy, 48

15."His bedroom was filled with random items passed down from family members, worst of all, a dinosaur-print blanket from his childhood. It’s nice to be sentimental, but it was the least sexy bedroom I’ve ever seen! It’s okay to remember the past fondly, but this felt like he was living in it. What 32-year-old man has a dinosaur-print blanket on his bed? At least keep that stuff in the guest room…"

—Jane, 29

Do you have a story to share about a guy's room? If so, share it with me in the comments below!