One in three Brits have suffered a sex injury – which are the most risky positions?

The nation's riskiest sex positions have been revealed. (Getty Images)
The nation's riskiest sex positions have been revealed. (Getty Images)

Sex is obviously one of life's great pleasures, but there can be times when adventurous bedroom fun can soon lead to disaster.

From carpet burns to UTIs and even broken penises, there are a whole host of sex injuries we can suffer while getting caught up in the moment.

According to a recent survey by Love Honey, more than a third of Brits (37%) have experienced a sex injury.

Carpet burns are the most common injuries (65%), followed by bruises (54%), pulled muscles (39%) and urinary tract infections (23%).

But although rare, also making the top ten were a penis fracture (3%), a stuck foreign object (3%) and a broken bone (2%).

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Carpet burns were the most common sex injury. (Getty Images)
Carpet burns were the most common sex injury. (Getty Images)

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Ness Cooper aka The Sex Consultant says there are tips you can use to avoid some of the most common injuries.

"Use a soft blanket beneath you to help reduce the risks of carpet burn during sex," she advises. "When regularly having sex on carpets, keeping areas covered that are prone to carpet burn is important. If you do get carpet burn, making sure that you clean the area afterwards to avoid infection is essential. Nappy rash creams or similar products may also help protect an area injured by carpet burn."

With 31% of women and one in 10 men suffering from UTI's, Cooper says these too can be avoided.

"Making sure you’re aroused during vaginal penetration can help reduce the risk of a UTI," she says. "Estrogen vaginal cream can help maintain the ph balance of the vagina for those who are going through the menopause – and this can help reduce the risks of UTIs for menopausal individuals. Washing with water rather than soaps and vaginal washes can also help reduce UTIs.”

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The study also revealed which are the most hazardous sex positions when it comes to injury.

Doggy style was found to be the most dangerous position with 30% of Brits having experienced a disaster in this position, followed by the missionary position and then the cowgirl with one in six adults having a disaster in this position.

And respondents confessed to many more comedy bedroom mishaps during sex including breaking a bed frame, ripping a shower curtain and breaking a chair.

"Having sex in new locations can be a great way to spice up your sex life, though locations such as the shower can be tricky when trying to avoid injury," says Cooper. "If you want to be extra adventurous with positions during shower sex, be aware that it can be slippery. Checking any fittings you may be leaning against beforehand for stability is advised.”

Or if all this sounds like too much trouble, maybe just using a bed isn't so boring after all.