Old Married Couple Share Marriage Advice (With 75 Years Experience)

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With the UK divorce rate languising around the 42 per cent mark, perhaps it's time we took advice from some of the older generation who've weathered the marriage storm for decades.

Seven and a half decades, in the case of Joseph, 98, and Sally Littlewood, 99.

Sally and Joseph (Cavendish Press)

The pair met 81 years ago, married after six years together and are celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary this year. And the key, they say, is plenty of arguments.

"Argue lots but always remember to get over it," said Mrs Littlewood.

"People always have arguments. In 75 years we’re going to have had a lot – but the key is to move on. It’s never worth stewing over."

They also think that modern courtship doesn't lead to longterm relationships.

Husband Joseph explains: "When we were young, people just stuck together – but back then we had courtship, and that has gone by  the wayside.

"A quick wedding wasn’t done in those days and a long engagement gave you time to get to know each other and know if the other person was the one you wanted."

‘Kids these days move in together not really knowing what they want from each other,’ Mrs Littlewood said. ‘If you’re going to move in with someone, or marry them, you have to know you love them.

"Everyone is getting divorced these days. They have quick marriages and I just think people do not have what they want."

The couple on their wedding day in 1939 (Cavendish Press)

The couple met in 1933 at a local dance. They went for a walk and Joseph charmed his future bride-to-be by buying her a Mars bar.

Sally remembers: "He just charmed me off my feet. He was from a posh family and we were really poor. After that we fell in love."

They married just before the outbreak of war and and spent six years apart during WWII. Josph was fighting in North Africa and when he returned his wife didn't even recognise him, as he'd lost all of his blond hair.

"I grabbed him hard and it was lovely," she remembers. "We haven’t been separated since. We still love each other."

The couple have two children together, still regularly attend fitness classes and even hold bingo nights.

Here's hoping some of the marriages we'll be attending this summer last as long!

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