This is how often you should be changing your razor

How often do you change your razor? [Photo: Pexels]

Though we’d all love to schedule in a monthly wax, it can prove difficult to give up our disposable razor collection.

Whether it’s a last minute shave thanks to the heatwave or a spontaneous weekend away, seeing how much use we can get out of the razor left in our shower knows no limits.

But according to Gillette, reusing blades can pose serious health risks.

The razor brand revealed on its website that their products should only be used for five to 10 shaving sessions before it’s time for the bin.

Hands up, who’s guilty of using it a few more times than recommended?

How do I know when to throw away my razor?

According to Gillette, it’s important to keep an eye out for dullness or wear if hoping to reuse a razor.

Using an old blade several times can lead to irritation and may increase the chances of ingrown hairs and cuts.

Every time a razor swipes the skin, it can collect up to 100,000 individual bacteria – bleurgh!

Dr Mervyn Patterson, founder of Woodford Medical, told Yahoo Style UK: “Although razor companies claim that you can get many shaves out of one head, the reality is that tugging and discomfort can often indicate that the blades are blunting long before that number is reached.”

He warns: “Persisting after this point just ends up in uneven results, skin trauma with the risk of skin sensitivity and annoying rashes. Once you develop a rash or irritation it can be difficult to get rid of it because of the trauma caused by ongoing shaving.”

So often should we change our razors? The honest truth: as often as we can afford to.

It’s recommended that you change your razor after five to ten uses [Photo: Pexels]

How can I get the most out of my razor?

Where you store your razors is essential for those hoping to cut costs.

Leaving your disposables in the shower will cause the blade to rust at a faster rate and will leave the razor exposed to bacteria – a common cause of skin irritation.

How can I make sure to remember to change my razor?

It can be difficult to remember that you need a new razor before you’re in the tub. But brands such as Friction Free Shaving can prove useful for those in need of a gentle nudge.

Co-founded by Briar Keen, the world’s first razor subscription service is designed to help users avoid infections by sending four razors direct to your postbox on a monthly basis.

With prices starting from £5 for the monthly reminder, we might finally be able to bid farewell to those pesky shaving nicks and bumps. Bring on the heatwave.

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