North West Gives A Rare Peek Into The 'Mini LA' Village Built In Kim Kardashian’s Garden

north west kim kardashian mini la village
North West Shows Off 'Mini LA' In Back GardenTikTok @kimandnorth - Getty Images

North West has provided a rare glimpse into Kim Kardashian's family home via her latest TikTok – and all we can say is: 'Wow'.

The nine-year-old daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West took fans on a tour of her home in Hidden Hills, California, with a friend, captioning the TikTok 'play dates be like'. The video provides a peek into the home's back yard, that was constructed in 2021 to feature 'Lil Hidden Hills', a child-friendly miniature village that includes multiple shops as well as a café and diner.

The minute-long video shows North West taking her friend around the village during their play date as they both try on different wigs and lip sync to music. The tour starts with a visit to a replica of the KKW Beauty store (the original name of Kardashian's since-rebranded SKKN) that's filled with actual products. The duo then visit the retro-style 'West Diner' diner, complete with Americana-style red leather banquettes and a black-and-white floor tiles, before stopping at what looks like a general store – with a fancy fresh flower display out front and a selection of groceries inside. There's even a mini shopping trolley for the children to use.

The TikTok video then switches to North West standing outside a miniature Starbucks with two frappuccinos, before the friends spend time playing on a swing and with a bright red Supreme-branded arcade game, as well as in the family's luxury cars.

This isn't the first time that North West has showed off her family's lavish home on TikTok. Last year, in a now-deleted TikTok, West took fans on a tour of her very impressive walk-in wardrobe containing her designer handbag collection – including a Birkin.

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