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Ninja's new multifunctional slow cooker is about to make your life a lot easier: 'It's a game changer'

Ninja's new slow cooker
Ninja's new slow cooker has been described as a "game-changer" by shoppers. (Ninja / Yahoo Life UK)

It's no secret that Ninja know a thing or two about producing top of the range kitchen appliances.

From the brand's bestselling Dual Zone Air Fryer, to its recently released Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker, there's a reason Ninja products often sell out. Which is why we're putting you onto Ninja's latest launch as soon as possible: the Ninja Foodi PossibleCooker 8-in-1 Slow Cooker.

Brand-new for 2023 and said to be "five times for powerful than conventional slow cookers," this new device features eight useful cooking functions, a Triple Fusion Heat system, and a removable, non-stick cooking pot. In other words, it's about to make your life a lot easier.

Why we rate it

Equally as good as Ninja's range of sought-after air fryers, this new slow cooker has eight cooking functions — Slow Cook, Sauté, Steam, Braise, Simmer, Bake, Prove, and Keep Warm.

It features what Ninja calls a Triple Fusion Heat system, which combines side, base and steam heat for fast, even cooking. And comes with a removable, non-stick cooking pot that's oven-safe for up to 260C.

Rather stylish as far as slow cookers go, it comes in a sea salt grey hue, and is designed with an easy-to-use, digital display on the front.

Ninja's new slow cooker has eight cooking functions. (Ninja)
The slow cooker comes with a removable, non-stick cooking pot which is oven-safe up to 260C. (Ninja)

£149.99 at Ninja Kitchen

All parts except from the cooking base are dishwasher-safe, and it fits perfectly on a kitchen countertop.

If that wasn't enough, it can cook up to eight portions with a generous eight-litre capacity, and comes complete with an integrated serving spoon, oven-safe glass lid, steaming rack and recipe guide.

What the reviews say

As it's still relatively new, there's currently only ten reviews on Ninja's site, which is currently the only place you can buy the product. But even then, it's scored a five-star rating across the board. Shoppers say it's a "game changer," and a "fantastic upgrade of a conventional slow cooker".

  • "Fantastic upgrade of a conventional slow cooker...Very easy to use and understand the display, and it heats up very very quickly. Overall the meals that we have cooked have been delicious and easy, without need of any prior prep using a pan and hob etc, everything is done perfectly in one pot! I would whole heartedly recommend this machine, if these functions are what you are looking for."

  • "It was super easy to use and I like that you can brown meat in the same pan before slow cooking, saving on washing up. The pan is very deep, which means there is plenty of room and also there is less splatter and mess."

  • "Slow cooker is great. It has a countdown timer, then when finished, switches to a keep warm function. After using, the pot was very easy to clean with just soap and water. The only drawback I found, is that the spoon supplied with it is plastic whereas I would have preferred silicone. Looking forward to using it more."

  • "I’m now getting this appliance out every day. The sear/sauté function is equally brilliant again with no sticking. The unit itself is very attractive and should we have dinner parties, I would simply put the pot on the table because it’s of good quality and a beautiful colour. The unit and pot are sturdy and of good quality, yet isn’t too heavy to move around. I’m over the moon with this product."

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