Nicole Scherzinger posted her best bikini pic of all time

All aboard Nicole Scherzinger's paddle board. With core strength like that, it's clear that this 44-year-old singer and actress is as strong as she is fabulous. No wave is knocking her down!

Nicole put her balance to the test in a new Instagram post that shows her gliding along the water's surface on a paddle board like a true mermaid. She wastes no time in putting her mega-defined core and legs on full display in a blue bikini that matches the sky and water around her. Picture perfect.

'Worry less. Paddle more. #lakelife,' the Pussycat Dolls singer captioned the post. I can get behind that mantra!

Nicole's fans were eager to compliment her summer look. 'Your outfit 😍❤️,' one said. Another appreciated her motivational caption, 'Well said keep balanced 💪.' A third follower gave Nicole the sweetest compliment: 'I look at you and see sunshine ☀️ ❤️.' Aw!

When it comes to Nicole's fitness routine, dedication is half the battle. From the looks of her Instagram, she's always pushing her limits in the gym. She incorporates bands and weights to increase resistance in this workout video. Now, that's a full-body burn.

The Moana actress also gets active with her husband, Thom, which genuinely looks like such a fun rendition of date night.

Nicole includes jumps, treadmill sprints, lunges, and a variety of other moves in her fitness regimen to strengthen and tone her entire body during each workout.

The celeb makes it clear that it's no walk in the park. These exercises call for lots of hard work. In this IG video, even she takes a break for a second to regain her breath and rest her muscles. TBH, that makes her all the more inspiring.

Regardless of whether she's sailing the seas or breaking a sweat, there's no doubt Nicole is as powerful and toned as ever.

Keep up the good work!

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