Top hairdresser Nicky Clarke reveals how to trim an overgrown fringe at home during lockdown

Top hairdresser Nicky Clarke has revealed how to tidy up your fringe at home (Getty Images)
Top hairdresser Nicky Clarke has revealed how to tidy up your fringe at home (Getty Images)

Beauty salons are likely to remain closed for some time to come due to the coronavirus lockdown, meaning we won’t be able to get in front of a hairdresser anytime soon.

Fortunately, celebrity stylist Nicky Clarke has revealed how to trim an overgrown fringe at home in a video tutorial.

In a post on Instagram to his 12,000 followers, the top hairdresser - who once tended to the locks of Princess Diana - demonstrated on the blonde mane of girlfriend Kelly Simpkin in his hallway.

Captioning the eight-minute clip, he wrote: “How to trim a fringe using thinning scissors.

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“Hi everyone! Whilst we cannot go to our local hair salon we thought we could give you some fringe cutting tips!

“Here is a guide to safely and easily trim a fringe using thinning scissors. Nicky then finishes the style by adding volume and texture to the rest of the hair.”

The post went down well with beauty fans who thanked him for the step-by-step virtual guide.

One person wrote: “Thank you, inspirational!”

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Another commented: “Absolutely fantastic! Thanks I’m now going to trim my ‘drapes’.”

A third shared: “Really helpful, thank you!”

And a fourth added: “So helpful!!”

It comes as Kim Kardashian’s hair stylist Chris Appleton also came to the rescue.

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Posting on his Instagram account, the pro revealed to his 1.2m followers that he had filmed a video demonstrating, step-by-step, how men could be given a salon-standard do from someone they are isolating with.

Captioning the four-minute tutorial, Chris wrote: “You all asked for it and here it is how to cut men’s hair during quarantine.”

Using a dummy head, the pro explained that: “In a few simple steps I will show you what to do, and what not to do.”

He told viewers that they would need a set of clippers, scissors, sectioning clips and a comb.

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The stylist’s guide went down well with fans who left more than 289,000 ‘likes’.

One person wrote: “You make it look so easy!! Thanks for the tips.”

Another commented: “Wonderful tutorial, finally makes sense. I’m going to use these tips today.”

A third shared: “Thank you! If my son lets me I may try this.”

And a fourth added: “That’s awesome.”

Chris recently styled Kim’s hair for the Hollywood Beauty Awards, and also worked with the star on her Skims campaign shoot.

Earlier this year, he prepped J-Lo’s locks for her Super Bowl appearance alongside Shakira.

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